Pioneer 106 DVDRW

  Rowey 13:43 24 Jul 2003

Could someone tell me if the pioneer 106 OEM writer looks different to the Retail version?

I've just had one delivered and i'm worried its an standard drive with the pioneer firmware flashed onto it!

help please!!!!!

  crx1600 13:48 24 Jul 2003

the retail version is called the 'A06', and the OEM is '106'.

what do you mean by a 'standard drive with pioneer firmware'?

  Rowey 13:53 24 Jul 2003

I knew the model numbers were different.....but if it wasn't for a little tiny sticker on the back of the driver (nothing official) you wouldn't know it was a pioneer.

If you pictured the plainest drive ever....thats what it looks like with a sticker on the back.

I've seen differing pictures of the drive and am worried i've been ripped! I would have thought it would atleast have pioneer written on the front?

  crx1600 13:57 24 Jul 2003

thats what OEM versions are; plain, and thats why there cheaper.

the retail version probably has 'pioneer' plastered on the front, where yours doesn't, but dont worry they'll be the same inside.

i have the OEM sony, which is plain, compared to the flashy silver fronted retail version.

who cares what it looks like, as long as the PC recognises it for what it is, as it works as it should.

  Rowey 14:00 24 Jul 2003

ok....i'll give it a go and see what it says.

Whenever i've bought oem stuff before, it's been exactly as the retail version....just without the flashy box and manuals ect.

  crx1600 14:02 24 Jul 2003

trust me DVD drives are different, as would be most 'visible' products, where the manufacturers name isn't shown.

obviously it doesn't apply to a HDD or graphics card.

  Rowey 14:05 24 Jul 2003

thanks again....!

What you do for a living? you always seem to be online...esp when i need something answering! (not that i'm complaining!


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