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I have 2 hard disks in my computer each with Windows XP on dual booting. On one install the CDRW drive (Sony 52x24x52x) is on DMA Mode 2, on the other it is using PIO transfer mode. I have set the Transfer mode to DMA if possible and even with the latest chipset drivers it is still on PIO. Any ideas on how to get it to DMA mode 2 because CD writing/reading is incredibly slow without it.

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You may find this thread useful: click here

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A variety of approaches -

click here

click here

click here

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The first message was too long and confusing. I tried all three of the second message approaches and its still on PIO mode. In my other operating system its stil on DMA Mode 2. This is really annoying as when I burn a CD it takes 8 minutes on a 52x writer and on the other install it only takes 2 minutes. Thanks for trying guys but he just doesnt wanna play ball, any other ideas sort of reinstalling windows?

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"I have found the solution...

WindowsXP force your device to use PIO mode if it gets more than 6 erros with DMA. The only way to go back to DMA is to uninstall, reboot, reinstall the device (HD, CDR etc...), and check in System Properties if "use DMA if available" is checked. If it still use PIO, then switch to PIO and then to DMA and it will finally use DMA"

From the first link above.

  [DELETED] 12:01 23 Aug 2003

I tried that and it didnt work. What does it mean by 6 errors? Is the drive causing an error or something?

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