Pinnacle V8 synchronisation problems

  Keithrow 16:49 06 Jun 2003

I am capturing analogue video via my ATI 9000AIW graphics card.
When I edit the footage, there is a time delay between video and sound. They both start off in perfect synchronisation but after about 2 minutes, the sound has lost ground to the video by 2-3 seconds. It gets more pronounced as time goes on.
I have downloaded the latest drivers from both Pinnacle and ATI.
I am using a Creative Audigy2 Platinum sound card, 2700+ CPU, twin hard drives 120GB and a dedicated $0Gb drive for video.
Any ideas why this might be?

  hugh-265156 16:46 06 Jun 2003

congratulations Legolas.

if anybody complains,ignore them.

  Keithrow 16:51 06 Jun 2003

Make that 40GB!

  hugh-265156 18:07 06 Jun 2003

make sure no other programs are running while recording or during playback and defrag the hard drive.

im not familiar with the aiw cards and the software bundled with them.

is there an option to adjust sampling rates etc anywhere?

  Keithrow 20:19 06 Jun 2003

There is no other software in use whilst capturing.
The sampling rate can be set to different quality, I have tried them all.
Interestingly, if I capture from the TV, the ATI 9000 has onboard TV, the capture is perfect. There is only sync problems when I try to capture from my camcorder using composite cables and the breakout box.
Just for interest, how did you manage to get into my thread before me???

  hugh-265156 20:34 06 Jun 2003

that was in reply to a thread that mysteriously dissapeared earlier on today just as i clicked post response button????

click here

  Keithrow 20:11 08 Jun 2003

Just putting the thread back towards the top to see if anyone can help.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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