Pinnacle StudioDC10 Plus not capturing audio

  SmiffyRebel 14:43 10 Oct 2003

My problem is with Pinnacle StudioDC10 Plus V1.06 (I know its an old version but it used to work ok)On a Windows 98SE. When I capture a video it is not capturing audio. I can hear the audio on the PC's speakers but Pinnacle is not capturing it, it will however capture sound if I use the Microphone socket on the soundcard which is built into the MoBo (Gigabyte GA-7VKML) as the PC records audio OK when I down load sound Via the Line in and the Pinnacle video card only captures Video not audio I must assume that it is a software problem. Has anyone had a similar problem?

  lixdexik 15:35 10 Oct 2003

audio capture in the settings?? Im sure you will have though.

next thing is to right click on the volume control icon in the system tray. click on "open volume control".. then click on "options" click on "properties" then select the "recording" spot.

you can then see if the line in has been enabled with a tick in the box. at this time you can also adjust the recording levels, I have my line in set to its highest level.

I have the dc10+ card and have had a problem with audio capture to, what I described above sorted it for me.

Hope this helps...cheers Lixdexik.

  SmiffyRebel 22:41 10 Oct 2003

Yes I've tried all what you suggested but there's no harm in checking again. You said you had a similar problem, when your problem occured was the right hand level indicator in the capture sound settings always fully lit irrespective of any settings that you made to the recording level

  lixdexik 23:23 10 Oct 2003

Yes is the answer to the above question.

I have just been into the programe and set the thing to capture. This is another silly question I know... But...having opened the prog and selected capture..have you looked in the settings and made sure the AUDIO INPUT is set to LINE? ...also are you sure the sound cable from the camera is pluged into the "line in" and not the "MIC" on the sound card, apart from that I do not know what to suggest now.

If all else fails perhaps a reinstall of the pinnacle software might cure the problem?.

Cheers Lixdexik

  SmiffyRebel 10:14 11 Oct 2003

What I have noticed is that although I select line in on the PC record setiings and even though line in is selected on capture when I open capture the line in on the PC record settings is switching off and also I am not getting any reading on the left hand recording scale but sound is being recorded now but I have to leave the pc audio settings open I think I may try using a mono input setting instead of stereo

  TheGnome 18:31 12 Nov 2004

I've got the opposite problem - I cannot output audio to tape. I've checked everything, but I always end up with a silent movie, even though the sound has been captured OK. It used to be all right until I re-installed WinMe and Studio7. Any ideas?

  BT 09:28 13 Nov 2004

As mentioned in one of the above posts the Audio capture with Pinnacle is actually via the Line in socket on your PC not via the DC10 card.I have a DC10 and Pinnacle Studio 8 and the whole system is very temperamental. When it's working OK its excellent, but it can be a pain in the ****. I can't count the number of times I've reinstalled it. As mentioned the sound options of Windows are the first things to check as they have a mind of their own and often change at random.

  SmiffyRebel 15:54 13 Nov 2004

Thanks BT
But I have since purchased Pinnacle studio 9 Delux with the breakout box which is absolutely superb however I did have to upgrade my PC.

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