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I would appreciate the help of someone experienced with this software. I have captured footage from my Sony DV,from 3 seperate tapes each with their own name eg video 1 Vidio 2 & so on to 4. in Preview Quality in order to save hard disk space. Editing was no promblem but when I come to "Make Movie" I am lost. I want to burn my movie diect to my Sony Multi burner DVD but can't work how. I press the disk button, the drop down menu has been configured to burn directly to disc and my disc writer is shown. It just keeps telling me to insert video 1 Could someone please help and in as simple terms explain where I am going wrong, Thanks

  [DELETED] 17:16 02 Nov 2003

I think that from what say your problem is a misunderstanding of what you have done.
1. You captured at reduced quality to save disc space.
2. You then edited your three tapes to produce a final video.
3. you then want to produce a final video to disc or tape using Make Movie.

Ok you are asked to put in video 1. This is because you have not got a full quality copy of your master tape on your hard disc. All you have is a reduced quality copy which is going to be used by Pinnacle as the guide to the final copying. i.e. taking the data at the appropriate point from your master tape.

I hope that I have explained this clearly enough for you to realise that the Pinnacle software is asking for your video1 master tape to be available so that the full quality clips can be taken at the point dictated by your edited low quality version.
So connect up your camera again and put in the appropriate master tape as request. It should work.

I had a lot of problems doing what you are trying so went back to capturing at full quality then clearing the capture off my hard disk to clear space for my next epic.

I hope that this helps.

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If you think that you have your problem sorted please tick this thread.

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Quick question on this - does anyone have any experience as to whether the finally rendered video is better if you use full capture mode video or whether you use preview mode and download full quality at video rendering stage ?

One problem you may find is that if you have different time segments on the tape (i.e. the counter resets itself for a new scene this may mean that you have problems when it comes to full capture). If this occurs - save your project and download the video at full capture quality and override the preview quality videos.

  [DELETED] 13:48 06 Nov 2003

As to your first question. I have not found any difference between final video using either method. I think that if you capture in full mode you are still capturing top quality video from a DIGITAL tape and as digital is just numbers 0s & 1s there should be no degradation no matter how many copies you make (In theory)

As to your second point I would agree that there you have potential problems .

<if you have different time segments on the tape (i.e. the counter resets itself for a new scene this may mean that you have problems when >

Due as you say to a breakup of the time code. However I started many years ago to black every new tape as soon as I bought it,. The idea is that by doing so you lay down a time code track which is then a feature of the tape and records your start points without a reset. If you look at a tape that is not blacked you will see blue screens at points where you stopped videoing. ie between clips. However if you look at a similarly recorded tape that was previosly blacked you will see black video between clips and no time code reset. The black video between clips is captured just like any other clip but can be ignored and not put onto the timelime.
I hope that this helps and is clear enough.If not please comeback again.

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