Pinnacle studio problems

  jaimie 19:37 20 Sep 2004

I have pinnacle studio 8.12 for video editing. I bought a pinnacle USB input device for inputting the odd anologue video, the driver for this new device wants to overwright my studio 8 and install studio quickstart which is a cut down version of studio 8, there seems to be no way of stopping this. Can anyone suggest a way round it please? It does not ask which drive or folder you want to install to.
I'm running XP pro 750 megs ram oodles of HD space.



  fullyfitted 21:59 20 Sep 2004

looks like I may have the same problem. I bought Dazzle which comes with quick start .
I've yet to install it because I'm in the middle of a project but I asked Pinnacle the Question and the reply I got was "Using quick start version you can capture and burn DVD as well. If you already had Studio version, then no need to un install that as you can do both task with it as well."

Not a lot of help but my supplier , Dream , has promised technical help if I get problems

  lixdexik 23:24 20 Sep 2004

click here# you might get an answer to your problem there.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  jaimie 06:17 21 Sep 2004

Thanks to fullyfitted and Iixdexik. My version also came with the dazzle capture device. As regards the Pinnacle help forumi it is such a convoluted and hard to navigate website you get sent round in circles and I just lost patience with it. Studio 8 does not seem to be able to do the same job as the quickstart and does not recognise the dazzle device.
The capture device remains unused for the moment.

Kind regards


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