Pinnacle Studio 9.3 se Sound synchronize Problem

  woodchip 15:13 04 Feb 2005

Pinnacle Studio. As I am having Problems with out of synchronize sound and video. Using a Hauppauge TV capture card. It's as soon as I let Studio Pinnacle look for scenes. It throws the sound out of Sync. Studio 9.3

  TomJerry 15:17 04 Feb 2005

and it has been fixed by newer version

  €dstowe 15:26 04 Feb 2005

Pinnacle is notorious for this problem. It was supposed to be sorted out in version 9.3.5 but it still remains in some instances.

Didn't your Hauppauge come with software like Ulead MovieFactory? If not you could try that or you could try WinDVD Creator. These aren't so prone to loss of sound sync - depending of course that your original bit rates during capture were OK.

  woodchip 15:53 04 Feb 2005

The Hauppauge Card is a old one that I used in a Old Win95 Computer but downloaded latest Drivers a software and It works OK in XP to Record. No Sync Problems it's only when it's passed through Pinnacle I have the Problem. It gets Progressively worse the longer the Video the more in front the sound becomes, until it's about 30 seconds at the end of the Video. But am wondering if this is a Encoder problem rather than Pinnacle. I have several Encoder's, I may try one by one to see if it varies

  woodchip 15:55 04 Feb 2005

I am on version 9.5.3

  woodchip 15:55 04 Feb 2005

Sorry 9.3.5

  €dstowe 16:05 04 Feb 2005

Worsening of the sync with time often indicates a bit rate problem. Not familiar with your setup but, is there a way to change (reduce) the bit rate.

  €dstowe 16:09 04 Feb 2005

Should have qualified my reply by saying "capture" bit rate. This should be adjustable in your Hauppauge software.

I've found that on my home XP system a bit rate of 1027Kbps is equivalent to DVD "High Quality".

  ACOLYTE 16:15 04 Feb 2005

I usually get this when copying a dvd after changing the format the sound sync gets out by about as you say 30 to 40 seconds by the end of the file.Dont know if that what u mean.Usually it caused by the source file not birng encoded right or with the wrong sound codec.The worst example i had was AVP french edition where it was dubbed to english.

  2556055 16:17 04 Feb 2005

woodchip, you are not alone. I use a Hauppauge Dec2000t to record to hard disk and can replay the files no problem with Windows Media Player etc. However when I use Nero Vision Express 3 to make a DVD Video the sound almost always goes out of sync. I have been in touch with but as yet they have not come up with the answer. The problem seems to be in the encoding not the capture.

  pj123 17:04 04 Feb 2005

I had the same problem and gave up on Pinnacle.

I now have Sonic MyDVD and have had no sync problems at all.

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