Pinnacle Studio 9 SE OEM

  popgeorge 13:28 06 Sep 2005

I purchased a piece of software from E-Bay and received Pinnacle Studio 9SE OEM as a free gift.

I have been using Ulead Videostudio for a number of years although the last update recommended a higher screen resolution than the usual 800 x 600 which i use. This didn't seem to fit in with my programs in XP home edition so i installed it on a separate partition with the older version of Me installed.

I have just completed a download of video from my DVR using Ulead prog, no problem using Me.

Changing over to XP home and Pinnacle Se. I find that i can display and run the captured video's.
ok but if i try to capture again i repeatedly get the Microsoft error report and can go no further.

My question is, had i bought the full version could i have expected this sort of problem.

  Chegs ® 15:30 06 Sep 2005

I used to use Studio 8,but everytime I used it I had an error popup 2nd time round.I tried various patches from Pinnacle,but nothing but a remove/reinstall would get it working again.I then upgraded to Studio 9,and haven't had any such hassles (yet) but have only used it a couple of times so far error free.

  woodchip 15:35 06 Sep 2005

Have you downloaded updates for Studio 9 se it is now up to 9.4 something. The last update is a big one. to get the full update, but it works better

  ACOLYTE 16:46 06 Sep 2005

Maybe because its the SE version its limited to how many times you can use the capture option.

  popgeorge 18:15 06 Sep 2005

Thanks guy's for your thoughts'

With these in mind i have un-installed and reinstalled including patch and have now Pinnacle Studio I am still getting the same results and Microsoft describe the fault being associated with Creative technology video driver. There appears to be no solution to this problem at the moment.

I have concluded that was probably why i was supplied with the software free of charge in the first place.

I must look out for a deserving case who i can pass the software to, if i can find someone i hate that much!.

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