Pinnacle Studio 8 Problems

  peterleemaxwell 18:58 19 Feb 2003

Is there an expert or a person that has had experience with version 8 of this software?.
It has the latest update (8.5). Good equipment,
has been re-worked/rejigged to the film clip. Now 'hangs' crashes and does not respond at all.
If there is anybody prepared to help me I would apprieciate it, and will give fuller details.

  y_not 19:18 19 Feb 2003

Pinnacle appears to hang while its working - if you try an alt,ctrl, del the system says its not responding.

Pinnacle needs patience....leave it for a while and it will start to respond again - I don't understand why but "time heals".

And its a great program!

  peterleemaxwell 19:49 19 Feb 2003

I'm afraid that even if I 'alt/ctrl,del' I get no response. It Locks-up and does nothing.
Would not in it's present state recommend.
Only a restart and the blue screen scan-disk
gets anything going again.

  Kudu 20:07 19 Feb 2003

Latest update 8.5.18d came out two weeks ago don't know if you have here

  peterleemaxwell 21:09 19 Feb 2003

Hi Kudu,
That is the one that I downloaded. Before I had
ver. 8.3? at least I think it was that number.
I had a brilliant little 'Film'. It ran with music+transistions+photos. On rendering would always just stop in the same place. I then re-edited it around that place, but would just not render. I then up-dated to this new version then there was NO sound although the sound bars at the bottom of the 'Timeline were still there. When I went to 'add to film' the "toolbar" was locked together and would not be pulled apart.I deleted them to re-install the music but no-go.
Is there any other software that could take the 'Raw' data to turn into a film?

  Kudu 21:29 19 Feb 2003

Sorry can't help as i have only had it for a week & i can capture but finding it heavy going with the editing as the manuals are not that great.I'm sure the members at the forum would be able to help & i think i should join here

  peterleemaxwell 21:55 19 Feb 2003

Hi Kudu, Thanks for your help and input.
Best Wishes.

  Jonathan314159 10:19 20 Feb 2003

I've had a couple of problems with Studio 8 (different to yours). Both times solved by reinstalling the software.

  peterleemaxwell 11:16 20 Feb 2003

Hi Jonathan314159,
Thanks for the advice, I will end up doing that.
It's a shame they, (Pinnacle) don't fully test their own software for errors before sale. I spent hours on my 'masterpiece'.

  Jonathan314159 11:21 20 Feb 2003

I've never lost my masterpieces such as they are through reinstalling the software. Just to be on the safe side I renamed the Pinnacle folder in "My Documents" in case it tried to delete it, but don't think that was necessary. Its frustrating because generally I like the programme, its very intuitive.

  peterleemaxwell 11:36 20 Feb 2003

Hi Jonathan314159,
Thanks for the tip. I call it a masterpiece because of the time and end result I got, I was pleased when played back in the 'preview' window before trying rendering. Looking at the web site for help is not a "complete solution". There was a lot of people with problems. It is a shame because of all the editing software I have seen this basic layout is the most logical to work with.
Once again thanks Jonathan,

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