Pinnacle Studio 8 Making an external back up

  fullyfitted 20:35 11 Aug 2004

Using Win XP and Pinnacle Studio Version 8.
I am in the middle of compiling a project, which is on going, I have got a 5 Mgb file on my hard drive and I am continually adding new material. (A sort of video diary). The thing won’t be finished until the end of the year I want to make a back up of the material shot to date in case I loose the lot. I have tried burning a disc, this was ok to play back but I couldn’t reopen it as a project on my hard drive so that I could add more and then burn a new disc.
Any help or suggestions would be welcome.
PS A violent thunderstorm has started so I am taking F E ‘s advice and closing down, I will respond to any replies when it clears.
Many thanks

  Smiler 20:42 11 Aug 2004

5Mgb is that 5GigaBite or 5MegaBite there is a BIG difference

  fullyfitted 23:02 11 Aug 2004

according to pinnacle the file size is 433 mb (megabytes?) which would use ,it says ,44 mins on a V C D.
Sorry to be a bit vague, hope this puts it in perspective.

  Smiler 10:34 12 Aug 2004

Why not save the 433mb file as data to a CD-R then if you loose the file on the hard disc you just copy the file from the cd change the atribute of the copied file and carry on where you left off. If the file gets too big for a CD-R then use a program such as winzip click here to fit the file across more than one cd

  fullyfitted 19:38 12 Aug 2004

thanks for your help I will give it a try this week-end .
Thread marked resolved and I will come back if any probs

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