emcyes 19:40 05 Dec 2008

I use pinnacle studio to create movies on dvd with my pc windows xp sp2. I have altogether created 4 movies successfully of 2hrs duration. But since some 6months i am unable to make movies. I keep on getting the message to increase memory. Initially the ram was 256mb, then i increased it by adding additional memory of 1gb. Even then i keep on getting the message either to increase virtual memory. The virtual memory is 4096mb on drive 'c'. When the length of the movie is 2hours i get the message at 1hr 30min(during rendering).Now i reduced the movie size to 1hr still i am get the message exactly after the rendering is completed. when the message appears the remaining ram size is still arount 645mb. I am using studio 9.1 but i did not use the 9.4patch because then the movies created later were corrupt. So at present i can make movies of shorter duration but it's a difficult task to create movies of more duration.
So in this case what steps i have to take to make movies successfully. Please help me...

  woodchip 19:43 05 Dec 2008

Check you Hard Drive to see how much free space you have on the drive. As it sounds like it full. Plus you will need to defrag the drive a lot when creating Video

  emcyes 20:02 05 Dec 2008

Thanks woodchip,
I have 18gb of free space on c drive and also 250gb of space on external hard drive approximately of 70gb on 3 drives. The condition is the same while the auxillary files is on external drive too.. I have defragged the drive plenty of times. but of no use..

  woodchip 20:15 05 Dec 2008

You need the space on C:\ where the Editing takes place. I think you will need more than 18Gb

  MCE2K5 20:46 05 Dec 2008

You might find this useful, Studio 9.4.3 Patch (FULL version) click here

Found this click here

Problems with Virtual Memory. 2nd Point

"The page file has become corrupt, possibly at a bad shutdown. In the Virtual Memory settings, set to “No page file,” then exit System Properties, shut down the machine, and reboot. Delete PAGEFILE.SYS (on each drive, if more than just C:), set the page file up again and reboot to bring it into use."

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