Pinnacle Instant CD+DVD serious problems

  RonL 21:33 16 Mar 2004

I too received Pinnacle Instant CD+DVD ver 7 bundled with the new PC. This was such a slow and difficult program that I now think that I made a mistake in upgrading to verion 8 (for £23.00)in the hope that it would be improved.

Improved it isn't, although there are many added utilities, which I am umlikely to use.

My problem is simply that I cannot get the program to reliably add new sessions to a variety of pre-recorded discs - CD-R, CD+R, CDRW, DVD-R, DVDRW etc, of many different makes, none of which have been "Closed". It isists on trying to write to the beginning of Track 1 each time, and then collapses.

Maybe I am stupid, but it looks to me as either the program doesn't know how to add Tracks as the "Multisession" command suggests, or that some necessary "fix" I need to do is not clearly posted !

BTW My plea for help in the Pinnacle Forum is still there - unanswered !

There is an update available for verion 8, but it will need 5 hours to download using my normal (quite rapid) dialup !

Any help will be gratefully received.

[email protected]

  keverne 22:44 16 Mar 2004

I'm on record here remarking more than once on how miffed I am with Pinnacle so my sympathies are with you.
I gave up with Instant CD/DVD a while back so I hadn't realised that there is an update available.
Tonight I've downloaded the upgrade via ADSL, installed it, and will see how it performs.
I will contact you by email to see if you would like me to send a copy on CD via snail mail.

  arricarry 23:07 16 Mar 2004

Hello - I sympathise with you. I ripped mine out together with the WINDVD4 and replaced them with Nero and power DVD5.

  arricarry 23:08 16 Mar 2004

If you get Nero 6 its got a DVD player in it already!

  ventanas 09:44 17 Mar 2004

Came with one of my PC's. Soon gave up on it and bought Roxio.

Couldn't get it to work at all.

  RonL 20:28 20 Mar 2004

I did post a response here to thank everyone for their advice and assistance, and in particular to Don Connor for his kind offer, but I got caught up in the hiatus when this Forum was being re-routed or something, and it has not appeared here. In fact the site crashed out on me and it was taking ages to load pages, so I gave up

However - the latest update arrived from Don Connor this morning (nice to have friends - especially those with broadband !) and I've run the update on both of my PCs.

The result is some improvement, but it's all still very flakey, so I guess I shall move on to Nero or something similar. I shall play with it a bit more and I'll post any startling finds here - but don't hold your breath!

Ron Luxton

  stalion 21:04 20 Mar 2004

I also gave up on Pinnacle, to many problems and if you placed a request for help on their user forum you have seen how many problems users are having.
I am also useing Nero 6 and Mydvd by Sonic both Excellent software

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