Pinnacle Dazzle DVD Recorder AV capture card

  collinsc 12:50 30 Nov 2008


I would like to capture some old video and put it on to DVD- I have been advised that the prodcst on the below link would suffice. But will e be able to edit the video - does anyone know!?

click here

All advice appreciated


  eedcam 14:18 30 Nov 2008

NO it just puts them on dvd something you could dobetter with a dvd recorder .Then with either you will need editing software to edit them on the pc after.What is the original format vhs tape if so I'd go for the dvd recording method much more straight forwardalbeit a bit more expensive for the initial outlay

  collinsc 14:29 30 Nov 2008

its not a standard VHS tape.... umm its a smaller version.. ill have to find out what tape it is..
it was an old sony camcorder i think - weel not old, mid 90s...

  €dstowe 15:36 30 Nov 2008

The Dazzle was one of the worst boxes of hardware I've ever bought.

  eedcam 16:26 30 Nov 2008

That wont matter does it have av and audio out sockets if so they will go into a dvd recorder

  €dstowe 16:31 30 Nov 2008

If you have a DVD recorder with a RCA type input system (most or all do) then plug the output from the tape device RCA or SCART converted into the recorder.

  collinsc 09:14 01 Dec 2008

yes im sure it will have the ac and audio sockets...
i dont have a DVD recorder..
thanks edstowe - so... whats the best option guys!?

  lofty29 09:56 01 Dec 2008

I bought a cheapy usb from ebay which comes with software and works fine

  jbaker65 10:00 01 Dec 2008

I use "Avermedia- DVD EZmaker Gold" which takes the VCR composite output and converts to digital.
It's a pci card and does a perfect job.

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