Pinnacle Clean 5 Help!!

  six-h 11:53 26 Jul 2005

I'm trying to convert tape to wav and first attempts seem to have messed up the software.I now find that the indicator bar is scanning the wave pattern approx 3 seconds behind the audio.
This started after I had deleted the first few seconds of silence at the beginning, using Wavelab Lite which came with "Clean".every thing plays OK in wavelab Lite, but anything in clean now has this delay. I've tried re-recording the tape, repair and re-installing the software to no!!

  Boluwd 18:21 26 Jul 2005

I assume your tape player is line in on your soundcard. Yoy use Wavelab lite to record the sound and then trim the necessary wave to the desired length. After this editing is done, you save this file as a wave file (blah.wav).
You then open or create the project in Clean and import the wave file to your project. This wave file should be the edited version you saved in Wavelab Lite.When you highlight this "track" in the Clean interface and choose play, it should play the same as it played within Wavelab....unless you have altered the wave using Clean's parameters.

  six-h 13:53 29 Jul 2005

Thanks Bol Uwd It looks like I've been doing it wrong, I recorded the entire tape in clean, then used the inteligent clean feature to refine the recording before setting auto matic track breaks. After correcting some of these,I went into wavelab lite and deleted the initial long silence at the begining of the recording.all then played well in wavelablite. On going back into clean, the cursor now doesn't move for the fist 3/4 secondsof the music,and continues to be 3/4 secs. behind all the way through.
I've tried re-recording the tape but the time lag is still there. "Repair", and "Remove & re-Install" have also had no effect. What have I done??

  six-h 10:02 30 Jul 2005

any help please

  Boluwd 18:02 03 Aug 2005

If all played well in Wavelab Lite, did you save the changes to the edited wave files? If so, why do you need to replay them in Clean? The edited files saved in Wavelab Lite are your final "masters". If you look in the relevant directory/folder where you save all the Clean project files (do a search for *.pk)you should find several wave files relating to your recordings. The original wave file and the trimmed files. In addition duplicates are made when you run the Intelli Clean. The youngest modified files are the edited ones from Clean. If you want, you can re edit these in Wavelab Lite and save them with a completely new name so that you know which are the final masters. Personally I would re record the tape using Wave lab lite. Trim and edit these and save the changes. Then import these into Clean in a new project and use the manual insert markers to create tracks and then use intelliassistant to spruce them up. Save all the changes.

  six-h 16:10 04 Aug 2005

thanks Bol Uwd,my problem is that having re-recorded in wll. and saved, clean does not recognise these files, or any other than its own cpf files. the twist is that it will not record any more. I now just want rid of the s**ding software, but that too seems impossible. How I wish I'd never started! Of course there is no help whatsoever from the gruppenfuerers at steinberg.I'm disgusted with them and urge any one else to heed the warning.

  six-h 15:14 09 Aug 2005

still no joy, how can I get rid. Steinberg are being totally ignorant and dont even send thier innane responses anymore. Help

  woodchip 16:08 09 Aug 2005

First try Add Remove, then this

To remove follow these step's closely, go to start\find\files or folders type in the box Steinberg click enter key delete all the entry's it finds with Steinberg in it. Next go to start run type regedit and press enter, go to menu under edit click find in the box type Steinberg and press enter it will bring up only one entry at a time, press delete key then click ok to confirm to go to next entry press F3 and delete do this until you get to the end of the registry. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE IN THE REGISTRY other than Steinberg then reboot your computer. If the files will not go you may have to do the above in Safe Mode

  six-h 12:44 16 Aug 2005

Thanks Woodchip, I'm Going on holiday today so will try your advice on my return. Hopefully my computer will return to normal after, it's been doing strange things since this prog was loaded, sticky sluggish mouse, constantly informing me that a network is available or disconnected for no reason and the odd disk boot failure, none of which happened prior to "Clean 5".I'll leave this thread open til I've tried your solution, here's hoping!!

  six-h 19:36 27 May 2007

eventually had to uninstall and stillgetting some "leftovers" that I can't be bothered to chase away.
Thanks to all.

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