pinky&perky voices

  barnetbee 13:41 14 Oct 2004

Can enyone tell me why my cd's sound like pinky&perky when played through the windows media player, it allso happens when listening to music on the net
any suggestions please

  Giggle n' Bits 14:14 14 Oct 2004

if this has recently just happend, try a system restore if running Windows ME or XP.

Also if you have moved the machine and re-connected your Speakers check there in the correct socket on rear (usually) of the pc.

ideally more info on which make/model of machine you have, Which Windows, Look in Device Manager under Sound (click on + Sign Expands) or Hardware. Right Click My Computer and select Properties to access.

  PsiFox 15:10 14 Oct 2004

Some soundcards also allow you to change the soun uuotput to comedic types of playback.

if you have children check they haven't messed with the settings.


  woodchip 15:16 14 Oct 2004

Get some better singers inside the box

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:46 14 Oct 2004

Ragtime Cowboy Joe sounds alright to me or is this just my age showing.

Check your sound card settings in control panel -sounds and audio device properties.

  Molded 19:14 14 Oct 2004

Check the bottom right corner of Media Player and you'll see two little arrows which on mouseover shows "fast forward".

Have you inadvetantly clicked this and speeded up the playback?

  sidecar sid 19:24 14 Oct 2004

In the enhancments panel use the left or right arrow(top left just under the visualisations pane)to select play speed settings,make sure the play speed slider is set to 1.0.

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