PINK/turquoise thin line on bottom

  Barbara Lister 17:02 19 Jul 2018

Horizontal bright pink thin line has appeared on top of black area on bottom of Lenovo Ideapad 100 laptop screen. Where there is a band of white area the line is turquoise blue, appears to flicker continuously almost like someone is typing behind the pink and turquoise line. As it constantly flickers and I cannot figure it out- can anyone help me please- Laptop is 5- Thanks yrs old

  Forum Editor 17:25 19 Jul 2018

These lines can be the result of a faulty screen connector on the cable from the motherboard. Often they can be fixed by removing the screen surround, disconnecting the cable, and putting it back again.

If you don't feel competent to do that, take it to a computer repair shop.

Otherwise, it may be a case of a new screen panel.

  Barbara Lister 17:32 19 Jul 2018

Many thanks- I will get my son to get it checked out for me-thanks

  Forum Editor 17:40 19 Jul 2018

Here's a guide to removing the screen.

It's a pretty easy process - maybe your son could do it for you?

  Barbara Lister 17:50 19 Jul 2018

I am in France- living here . I shall be going to UK next month and will get my son to do it for me so I shall wait and see which one he choses to watch as I dare not even attempt it- many thanks but I will let him do it!

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