Pink Fairies

  VoG II 22:33 30 Jan 2004

I have a (legit) CD of Kings of Oblivion, courtesy of my bruv.

Anybody know where I can legally download the 2 preceding albums?

Also any Hendrix up to and including IoW. Please don't tell me to go to Virgin or whatever.

  BBez 22:49 30 Jan 2004

you'd probably be able to purchase them on ebay for the same as it will cost to download them from a legit site, then you could convert them to MP3 with wahtever encoder/bitrate/q-value you fancy...

  leo49 22:51 30 Jan 2004

click here

You can buy them at the above for £6.99 post free.

  Big Elf 22:59 30 Jan 2004

I saw the Pink Fairies at Barnsley Civic Hall in the early 70's....sorry VoG nothing to do with the thread but it has brought back some happy memories.

  leo49 23:00 30 Jan 2004

Sorry VOG - I was referring to the Pink Fairies albums[put Pink Fairies in the search box,check CDs+exact search,then GO].

I know several places where all the Hendrix are available but you wouldn't describe them as exactly legal.

  sidecar sid 23:00 30 Jan 2004

And while you're at it lets all buy a pair of crushed velvet loons from the back pages of Melody Maker.


  Djohn 23:06 30 Jan 2004

Have a look at the sites near the bottom of the page, the links under "Music downloads" Not sure if any of those are of help. j.

  Djohn 23:07 30 Jan 2004

The link is here! click here :o(

  Chegs ® 23:33 30 Jan 2004

click here

click here

click here

I presume you already tried google VoG.. ;-)

  IClaudio 23:36 30 Jan 2004

...I once bought a Beatle jacket from Melody Maker :) cost me about £5/10s I think


  gudgulf 23:54 30 Jan 2004

Hi there,thankfully I have all three early recordings on vinyl--The covers are much more fun at full size :o)))

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