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Ping spikes each minute due to my pc?

  Raúl Morón López 11:00 17 Apr 2019


My name is Raúl, and I've been experiencing ping spikes each minute since the last 3 weeks in my laptop (HP ac-139ns).

It all started playing online games, every minute I get disconnected for 10/15 seconds from the server, so I first thought it was a net problem and I called technical service, but they didn't even tried to help me, so I tried to focus the problem by myself.

First, I checked the problem in the other pc I have, and it all went okay. Then, I tried to connect my pc to the router by a network wire and the problem got solved (THE PROBLEM ONLY HAPPENS USING WIFI), so I went to a technician and he changed WIFI module, but the problem persisted. The last thing I tried was connecting my pc on my gf's house network, and the problem didn't get solved.

It's clear that the problem is in my laptop, and the technician told me to format, but I'm an university student and I have a big amount of documents and classwork that would take me days to move to a hard drive, so formatting is my last resort.

I've thought that the problem can be caused by last W10 update, but I don't want to wait 2 weeks until the next update is available because next weeks I start finals and I won't have time to spend on this (I have tried to restore Windows to a older update, but the last restore point is where windows installed this update).

Any idea will help me.

Thanks in advance.

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