Ping request time out, faulty router or provider?

  Andrius Borisevic 05:44 04 Jan 2017

Hey guys, you are my only hope, i'm really mad since my work is from home and requirest constant and clear internet connection, and and i get lags once in short durations, i have 10mbs, and would like to know is this my pc who is going crazy or internet provider. i try to ping different sites, and even my router. The REQUEST TIME OUT is the same as for router and other sites. is there any possible way this can be solved? Many many thanks.

  Archonar 08:50 04 Jan 2017

When you start to get laggy internet, do you have another device that you could use to see if the internet is laggy? A phone would be enough to see if the internet is laggy, though ideally something else that you can use to ping would be best, like a laptop. That way if the second device experiences the same issues you can be pretty sure that it is the internet provider that is causing the issues, and if it works fine you know it's your pc.

The fact that you can't even get a ping through to your router makes me think it could be your pc, but it's worth being sure before you go any further.

  Andrius Borisevic 09:19 04 Jan 2017

Its only my lap, even thru my configurations of router i dont see any devices except for my pc

  Jollyjohn 12:16 04 Jan 2017

Are you using a laptop or desktop pc?

If you connect using an ethernet cable, does the problem still happen?

And if you right click on the connection icon and run Troubleshoot - what does windows diagnose?

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