Ping to high!

  morgueman 18:19 29 Aug 2007

Hello all, sometimes when playing on-line games, i get disconnected from the games because my Ping is to high!
Firstly, how high is to high for Pings and secondly, is there any way of lowering the Ping?

  m0ng00se132 18:28 29 Aug 2007

Ping is the time it takes for your a signal your pc sends out to go to the server and come back in milliseconds,
the terms derived from sonar,
the ping tells you which server is closest and best, you choose the lowest to get the best gaming performance, the highest acceptible is 20MS, but it'll go a bit slow
a way to improve it is get a faster internet connection

  Theory5 18:32 29 Aug 2007

There is no set high ping but on servers admins (administrators) can set how high the acceptable ping can be, usually the limit is set around 300 (default for most games)or lower.
yes there is a ton of ways to lower your ping. are u running any programs that use the internet while you play your game?? programs like bittorrent and limewire and other download programs take up alot of bandwith, you can turn them off when you want to play games or you can set them to only use little bandwith. How many computers are on the internet in your house? My family uses alot of computers, and when they are all running the internet is sluggish. I have 2 computers in my room, one is my computer I use for everything, gaming and whatnot, and the second is an old beat up laptop that is only used for AIM and the internet. What kind of connection do u have? cable? DSL? usually on a street you share that connection with Everyone on that street and then some,but you usually dont notice it. Sometimes, like when everyone is getting home from work and school the internet might become a bit slower but not by much. I have a ping below 100 usually. There are also programs that check your internet connection and find ways to make it faster, I use PC pitstop myself.

  Theory5 18:34 29 Aug 2007

a way to improve it is get a faster internet connection
mongoose, that is not the only way and that way costs money.

  morgueman 22:29 29 Aug 2007

Thanks all, theres just a lap top that is used around the house, but, like you said Theory5, i do share the internet with the rest of the street, so i assume that will change the ping at certain times. I have been thinking about getting a faster router, so i may invest in that,might just give me an edge while on-line!

  umbongo(uk) 22:49 29 Aug 2007

srry but there is not really a gauranteed way to reduce ping
exept for getting your own connection and a good service provider

also dont forget playing on server in america will be worse than playing on one in this country
when choosing to play on a server always check the latency/ping the lower the amount the better your gaming experiance. if this is still high as above turn of any unwanted programs then do a adaware/spyware scan

the only otherway after that is cl settings in game
commandrate update which you,ll have to go learn about on the games forum to see what everyone else is using and wether it works for them or not

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