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  mick 111 06:31 24 Feb 2005

hello.i had a heart attack a few months ago.now need to take tablets daily.but keep forgetting.does any one know of a free progranm that i can download as a reminder.and it pops up reminding me to take them.

  €dstowe 06:50 24 Feb 2005

I feel that is an overuse of technology.

My father has heart disease and the single thing that reminds him to take his medication is the thought of the consequences of him not taking it.

If you really have problems remembering, just keep one pack of tablets near your computer so that when you sit down at it you will be reminded. OK, you may say that you will come to ignore that after a time but you will come to ignore any daily reminders on your computer in the same way.

  mick 111 06:56 24 Feb 2005

i only asked for help not lecture on how to run my life

  €dstowe 07:45 24 Feb 2005

Thank you for your rude response.

If you read my reply a little more carefully you will see that I did make a suggestion that could help you.

Yet another on the list of people never to communicate with.

  geeza 07:50 24 Feb 2005

you could always use outlook and set up a recurring appointment

  ardvarc 08:19 24 Feb 2005

I take 43 tablets/capsules plus inhalers a day for heart and other illnesses. I find the easiest way is to put your full days supply in one bottle and put it in your pocket if going out and even when sitting at the computer or watching TV. I have been on high dosage medication for quite a few years and when your life depends on them you should *never* forget.

  Shas 08:36 24 Feb 2005

Get yourself a pill carrier from Boots Chemist - a small plastic box with little compartments for each day of the week. They come in several variations depending on how many pills you have to take a day. Load them up once a week and you can see at a glance if you've taken your dose for that day.

As for remembering to actually take them, there must be something that you do at more or less the same time each day - make tea or coffee? put it by the kettle; if you take them last thing at night, put it by your toothbrush. You will eventually get into the habit.

  recap 08:55 24 Feb 2005

Outlook could help you remember. Open Outlook and select Calander, choose the 5 day display option (View menu), double click on a time of day and enter a reminder message, click the reminder window next to the alarm clock and set the time from 5 mins to up to 2 days.

  feb 08:59 24 Feb 2005

Hi mick 111,

Have a look at these, click here they might be of use

  mick 111 10:19 24 Feb 2005

thanks for you help feb did the trick thank you.just what i was looking for

  Demora 10:25 24 Feb 2005

I remember one of those 'post-it notes' or sticky notes programs being able to pop up at various times of the day and you could edit these and put things like which pill at 12.00 etc

Just do a search in goole I'm sure one will come up.

Guildsoft used to do one for a small fee

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