PII 350 to PIII 500

  Epirb406 12:57 08 Jun 2003

thinking of a processor upgrade, don't want to overdo it as system is old and probably not worth spending out on.

Anyone know what sort of performance difference there is in a PII 350 chip and a PIII 500 chip?

More info on system available if required, thanks, Epirb.

  Joe McG 13:04 08 Jun 2003


I don't think you would see much of a difference.

  STEVE71163 14:01 08 Jun 2003

Unless you double your proccessor speed i dont think you would notice much difference.

  Epirb406 15:53 08 Jun 2003

Thanx for responses, does that mean that:

It is the speed of the chip that matters and the Pentium generation counts for nowt?

Cheers, Epirb.

  Joe McG 15:56 08 Jun 2003


I think that it is due to the applications of today, requiring more power than ever before.

E.G. 1.4 Ghz plus cpu, etc

  Epirb406 16:25 08 Jun 2003

Certainly know my system won't take a 1.4 GHZ processor and as I say it ain't worth spending too much money on.

I can't get broad band so thats not an indicator for an upgrade, and lets face it if it gets better from here at least I will be impressed, especially since I won't have looked at all the statospheric systems available!


  woody 16:35 08 Jun 2003

Will every thing else work with you upgrade?

  woody 16:41 08 Jun 2003

I have masses of ram on a PII 400 w98 & on a w2k p1.5 - for most things the speed diff (so small)is not really important.
It is noticeable when i do lots of work on a very big graphic - approx 800mb.

My opinion - save your cash.

  Epirb406 16:49 08 Jun 2003

What wouldn't work with a processor upgrade?

How much is masses of ram?

Cheers, epirb

  STEVE71163 16:56 08 Jun 2003

I have got a p111 500 and a amd xp2000 and unless i do a graphic intensive task i would not notice the difference. I guess it depends on what you are using your machine for. Sometimes a ram upgrade makes the most difference!

  Epirb406 18:11 08 Jun 2003

Just a final pitch then to get some knowledge....

Is there no difference in performance between PII and PIIIm is just the MHZ I should be looking at?

Cheers, Epirb.

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