Piggyback Hard Drives?

  Bwana Dyk 13:15 28 Jan 2004

My PC motherboard has two IDE sockets. It came with a DVD ROM drive and a CD Rewriter. I recently installed a DVD writer, now having a master and slave on each IDE. I now wish to add an extra internal hard drive, i.e. leaving the original. Is it possible to "Piggyback" this extra drive onto the original, thus making the computer think it's one large drive ?

  stlucia 13:21 28 Jan 2004

No. You could consider ditching the CD writer because, presumably, the DVD writer will also write CDs.

If you don't want to do that, you can get an IDE card, which will give you two more IDE sockets (4 more drives) for about £35. I'm using a Maxtor card, and am very pleased with it. (In my opinion, don't be tempted by a card which also gives you RAID functions -- just a simple IDE extension is all you need.)

Please give advice and technical report on above
Alan Peters

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