Pigeon PP

  beebender 11:53 21 Jul 2007

I am with AOL and everytime I sign online, AOL's Spyware detects Pigeon PP trying to get access to my computer via "backdoor".

I then delete it out of blocked items but it comes back several times a day and for some weeks now.

How can I get rid of it?

I have Norton Antivirus 2007 and this doesn't detect pigeon but AOL does.

  ICF 12:02 21 Jul 2007

Do you have any anti spyware programs installed?

Install update and run this

click here

or this

click here

  beebender 12:14 21 Jul 2007

Yes - AOL Spyware scans every time I log on and also I have Norton Anti Spyware.

I phoned AOL and they told me to re-install their Spyware which should cure the problem and it's made no difference.

I am being attacked by pigeon every time I log on and sometimes several times an hour, I am now very worried that Norton despite costing £60 does not detect pigeon.

  ICF 12:25 21 Jul 2007

Try one or both of the programs I have suggested and see if they work.

  ICF 12:28 21 Jul 2007

Here is a another good program

click here

  beebender 15:07 21 Jul 2007

Many thanks, the problem is now cured and I think the pigeon has been shot.

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