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Piece of software you couldn't live without?

  powerless 00:16 27 May 2003

I hope this is allowed.

...But just been going through the installed programs having a look at what is installed and was just wondering what would I do if I uninstalled one of them.

What else/alternative could I use?

I guess the one piece of sotfware I really like and use is...Well... Microsoft Internet Explorer - ok, ok, so its already installed and there are alternatives. But I find MSIE suits me fine, it's fast for me and very easy to use and well I've been with with since version 4 (i think) and it does what I want it to do.

I have tried Opera and although it is a nice browser to use, I went back to MSIE.

So "Piece of software you couldn't live without?" Micorsofts Internet Explorer for me!

  ton 00:23 27 May 2003

Windows, without it I would have to learn Linux or something.

  powerless 00:26 27 May 2003

Well i like that reply. But you had to learn Windows...

  powerless 00:39 27 May 2003

Winzip *tear drips from eye*

Have not used that since, well i forgot. No need to compress anything and with the broadband sending and recieving files... - Winzip has gone and Windows XP compressed file is it's replacemnt.

(well ok ZIPPED file)

  ton 02:19 27 May 2003

Apart from the obvious like Windows and Office etc. Partition Magic and Drive Image, I wouldn't like to be without these two. Google is another must have. Winamp I use a lot. Another small program I find I use almost everyday is Yankee Clipper which is freeware. Also EnditAll gets a lot of use, another free one.

  Terrahawk 02:33 27 May 2003

my cdr back ups have saved me from near disaster on a few occasions

  Demora 12:51 27 May 2003

Paintshop Por 7 (SOON TO BE 8) PowerDVDxp & trillian. As my 3 daughters use different messenger programmes means I don't have to have all the programs open. Enditall and The software that came with my creatives Audigy soundcard. Musicmatch for my MP3 player and MS Publisher. oh and loads of others. Nero adobestuff etc.


  woodchip 15:57 27 May 2003

In this order "Quick view Plus"

"Drive Image"

"Acrons Partitioning software"

"PowerDesk 5" for zipping, unzipping, Extracting Win Files from Win Cab files

  Bailey08787 17:11 27 May 2003

...........until i discovered it's severe limitations with respect to my problems

click here

  watchful 18:37 27 May 2003

All used regularly.

  mammak 21:30 27 May 2003

it,s not a program it,s not software, i couldnt do without PCADVISER, LOL i really mean that lived up here the last few day,s i have

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