PICVideos across top of video.. how to remove?

  mermaid25 15:37 30 Apr 2006

my husband takes video clips on his digital camera and when he views them on the pc, they have 'PICVideos' splashed across the top and 'click here' on the bottom.
Is there any way to remove these from the clip?

Hope I'm not breaking any rules, but I have posted this in the 'digital' section forum as well.

many thanks:0)

  mermaid25 15:39 30 Apr 2006

oops, 'click here' should be click here.

  GroupFC 18:01 30 Apr 2006

It's probably best if you only post in one forum. That way people like me won't have to search in the other forum to see what, if anything (!), has been suggested.

I suggest you keep the one in Digital World going (after all that's where it belongs altho' it might not get as many visitors as this one!)and tick this.

For others interested the other post is click here

  mermaid25 19:55 30 Apr 2006

thanks GroupFC

I think I knew that really.. but wanted to get more visitors.

I won't do it again, as I don't want to annoy anyone who helps us less knowledgeable folks.

  GroupFC 23:07 30 Apr 2006

No problem really - I hope nobody thinks I was out of line with my post!

  ACOLYTE 02:04 01 May 2006

The only thing i can think of is that your hubby is using a demo/limited version of whatever software he has to do this,and the only way to remove it apart from some video editing witch would involve more software,would be to upgrade/buy the full version of the software he has now.

  mermaid25 20:21 01 May 2006

this thread continued in the digital forum and is now resolved . if you want to follow it click here
thanks :0)

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