Pictures stored on a CDR, but I can't access them

  FatboySlim71 09:26 25 May 2006

I have a CDR which contains pictures that I have backed up from my digital camera, I have not looked on the disc for a while, but when I insert the disc and open it up, there is no pictures shown on the disc and also the disc shows that there is 0 bytes free on the disc, but there was only two/three pictures on the disc so the disc would have been far from full. Is there a program that would allow me to recover these pictures off the CDR or will the pictures be lossed for ever. I am running XP Professional.

  Newuser4165 10:29 25 May 2006

Try this program:-
click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:50 25 May 2006

Badcopy Pro click here
CDCheck click here

  FatboySlim71 09:30 26 May 2006

Thanks all, tried these but the CDCheck program found the pictures but I could not recover them as I needed to purchase/register it, which I don't really want to do as I think it would be a gamble to pay for it incase it still could not recover them, the CDCheck program could not find/recover anything, anyone else with any other suggestions/programs.

  daxian 10:31 26 May 2006

hi fatboyslim....
i think nero 5.5 had the option to recover files from a cdr ..but if memory serves the function only worked in win 98 and was lost when xp came along...
i had a similar problem when i first got xp and emailed ahead (nero)and they very helpfully gave me a workaround...but i have long since forgotten what it was .
do you have access to a 98 machine and nero 5...might just sort your problem .Dave.

  FatboySlim71 10:43 26 May 2006

Thanks daxian, I have no access to A Win 98 machine. I currently run Nero

  daxian 10:50 26 May 2006

hi again ....
in nero burning rom goto disk info on the toolbar ....with the cd in the drive see if nero reorts the sessions on the disk .
seems that ahead fixed the read sessions in ver 6.........

  FatboySlim71 10:55 26 May 2006

I have done what you said about "in nero burning rom goto disk info on the toolbar ....with the cd in the drive see if nero reports the sessions on the disk"

It does show a session on the disc, what happens now ?

  daxian 11:06 26 May 2006

hi again
if nero can see the sessions then it should also be able to pull the files off the disk .
create a new iso disk ,then in the browse menu and with the cd in the drive drag all files off the disk and burn to a new cd ....hope it works for you ...Dave

  FatboySlim71 11:12 26 May 2006

How do you create a new iso disc. Thanks

  daxian 11:24 26 May 2006

hi again
in burning rom, when you first open the program,you are given a menu ...with the option to choose between cd or dvd, choose cd and a menu appears, first option in this menu is cd (iso) remember to make it multi session if you want to add more files later )click on new right hand side ,then a new window will open with the browse option on the right look for your
bad cd in the menu open it with the plus sign then drag any files on it to the left hand window
then click on the burn icon and put in your blank cd ......job done .Dave

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