Pictures of PCA form members.

  spikeychris 16:50 27 Aug 2004

Well its been a while since our last outing as it were so we thought it was that time again. Have you ever wondered what the other members of the PCA forums look like? Well click here and have a gander.

Don’t just look however, feel free to post your picture to, just click on the blue “mail me with your picture” link. Send a picture of yourself with a few lines as well as your PCA nickname (this is important as I won’t know who you are other wise.

The last four pics are missing on the website, this is due to a system crash and I lost them. They are there at the moment but as soon as I start uploading again they will be gone so could the last four resend the pics.

This thread will stay active until Monday evening when the FE will lock it.

When it looks like the thread is going to fall off the first few pages could someone refresh it as the forums move so fast.


  mammak 17:35 27 Aug 2004


  Old Shep 17:37 27 Aug 2004

I might just find you one. Keep up the good work.Regards.

  sidecar sid 18:02 27 Aug 2004

If i wake up one morning tall dark and handsome i'll send you a piccy.

  watchful 18:04 27 Aug 2004

Spikey - I think that all those who submitted childhood photos or pics of their pets should re-send an up-to-date mugshot.

P.S. Nothing happens when I try to access the PCA guest book.

  spikeychris 18:23 27 Aug 2004

watchful the guest book is working fine.

  end 18:31 27 Aug 2004

I havent got a picture, so thats me out of it..

  VoG II 18:33 27 Aug 2004

I've just tested it and it is working fine, as spikey said.

  Simon_P 18:42 27 Aug 2004

I recognised the top of Ben A'an immediately
Maybe I will send one in, have to go out now cheers for sharing this. Its nice to put faces/cats etc to names.

  spikeychris 19:06 27 Aug 2004

end, you could scan a pic if you haven't got a digital cam. Theres no in or out, its just a giggle and not everyone will send a picture.

  end 19:43 27 Aug 2004

if it is " a giggle" I can try scanning "something" and see what happens; probably the "end of end";; dont " hold your breath"::))
see if I can send you my "faithful companion":)

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