Pictures not sent with e mail

  aforapple 16:19 07 Mar 2006

I use Windows XP. I created a picture in Photoshop Elements and wanted to send it. It was not too big. I browsed to find the pic and it appeared in my e mail(Outlook Express) ready to send. But when I sent it, I had a warning message saying something like' Some of the pictures could not be found' and in fact, looking in my Sent box, it had been sent, but with a red cross representing the picture not sent.
Any ideas what is going on please?

  wobblymike 16:26 07 Mar 2006

You should insert your picture as an attachment to your e mail then in OE go to Tool, Options, Security and remove the tick which refers to opening attachments to e mails (I can't recall the exact words). You might want to warn whoever you are sending it too to do the same or the system will crunch it.

  jack 17:30 07 Mar 2006

I have discovered of late the best way to send images is not by inserting them or as an attachment
but by using a FREE hosting service.
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  aforapple 19:19 07 Mar 2006

Hi Wobblymike
Thanks for your info. I will try this.
I now wanted to know if it is safe to remove the tick you suggested for good, or should I put it back every time I have sent a picture. Does removing the tick threaten my security.
I would have liked to send quite a few of the same e mails to friends, so I had hoped to just copy/ paste the pics to each new email

  David4637 19:37 07 Mar 2006

You can send the pictures in the text area of the email, then people will be less concerned about opening them as an attachment which could contain a virus. David

  LAP 19:48 07 Mar 2006

In Photoshop Elements did you save your pic as a jpg? or a psd?

  wobblymike 06:52 08 Mar 2006

its all relative isn't it - I leave that box unticked all the time but then I don't open attachments from sources I don't know - its a balance of convenience against caution i guess.

  aforapple 10:23 08 Mar 2006

Hi Wobbleymike
yes. That did work, removing the tick. I have just changed the layout of Outlook Express as well to avoid unnecessary pics showing up
Thanks again to everyone: David, LAP, Jack and Wobblymike

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