Pictures not opening in emails

  exdragon 09:31 10 Dec 2004

Hi. Since installing SP2, the pictures included in the body of emails won't open - usual square and red cross. I'm online and use Outlook.

Earlier postings tell me how to unblock images in OE, but when I look at the Security tab in Outlook Tools/Options, I can't recognise what applies to emails - can anyone help, please?


  BRYNIT 10:41 10 Dec 2004

On the Tools menu, click Options.
Click the Security tab.
Under Download Pictures, click Change Automatic Download Settings.
Clear the Don't download pictures or other content automatically in HTML e-mail check box

  exdragon 13:00 10 Dec 2004

I haven't got a Download pictures option, just Encrypt contents & attachments for outgoing messages, Add digital signature, Send clear text messages..., Request secure receipt...

The Secure Content is set to high, but if I try to change it to anything lower, I get the message that it should be high or higher. If I go into Custom Level, there's lots about ActiveX and Donloads, but I can't see anything about pictures. It's Outlook 2002, by the way

  exdragon 13:28 10 Dec 2004

Feeling inadequate - there isn't one. The only buttons are Settings, Zone Settings, Import/Export and Get Digital ID.

Does it make any difference that the message format is HTML? I haven't made any change to that and this is the first time I've had a problem...

  exdragon 13:51 10 Dec 2004

Thanks, Djohn. No, the dialogue box nothing other than Settings, Zone Settings, Import/Export and Get Digital ID.

In the Zone settings, there's lots of Activex stuff, binary & script behaviours, software channel permissions etc, but I can't see anything which would apply to pictures.

I'll have my lunch and then check back! Might be some time - the idiots across the road have just dug into the watermain and the road is four feet deep in water... Nothing in the kettle, mind you, and the water's cut off...!

  tes 15:56 10 Dec 2004

I had the same problem but stupid me hadn't noticed the grey bit at the top of the bottom payne where it said "clik here to download picture" I don't suppose you have done the same?

  exdragon 16:25 10 Dec 2004

No, all I have on the Security tab is Secure Email, Secure content and Digital IDs.

The Secure email Settings button is about Digital IDs, the Zone settings and Digital IDs I've described above

  exdragon 17:29 10 Dec 2004

Thanks, Djohn. I wonder if the sender used the right procedure? There's only a message at the top saying it's sent with low importance. I did have a couple of earlier examples, but I've deleted them as I couldn't see the images!

Sorry, you did ask me earlier what version of Outlook I have - it's 2002.

I think I'll take your advice and leave it for the time being - I'll leave this unresolved til tomorrow, if you don't mind.

Thanks for your help, chaps

  exdragon 18:53 10 Dec 2004

I definitely haven't got that with my email, but I'll wait & see if anyone else has any ideas! I'll try & get people to send me pictures in the meantime, as yes, I did empty the deleted folder in a fit of tidying up!

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