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  -=Dark=-{Lord}^Angel 10:46 07 Oct 2003

when i am designing my site i always come to this problem!! when i have two images i want 2 be left align and right align oppsite each other one moves down below the other?? why does it do that and i dont want two use frames and i have tried tables and its looks stupid !!!!

  Taran 11:24 07 Oct 2003

Tables can be a problem for newcomers to web design but they are a mainstay and once you get your head around them they will form the basis of the majority of all your sites.

Try this page for an example:

click here

This is a single row, two column table holding two images, one aligned left, the other aligned right.

I've hidden the table border using the border="0" instruction in the table HTML code and I've set its width to be 100% of the page. This means that regardless of the screen resolution your site visitor has, the table will alwyas resize to 100% of their screen size.

If your images are large this will give you problems since an 800x600 screen resolution on a 15 inch montior will not cope properly with two images that are greater than 400 pixels wide each (2 x 400 pixel wide images = the available 800 pixels screen size).

You can add all kinds of controls into your tables including cell spacing, padding, width restrictions, vertical and horizontal alignments and other things.

Maybe the above will help.



  tbh72 13:15 07 Oct 2003

Nice answer Taran, very comprehensive. Well done!!

  slowhand_1000 17:17 07 Oct 2003

Tables in a nutshell, I knew there was an easy way to get it across.

  Forum Editor 20:36 07 Oct 2003

nest tables within tables, and if you invest a little time in experimenting you'll find yourself wondering how on earth you managed without them.

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