Pictures keep moving around in Folders !!

  russmini 10:42 29 Oct 2005

Trying to sort out 1600 photo's in order in a folder in My Pictures. Everything was going fine until last night when i went to carry on with the final touches, about 150 pictures had moved from near the end to the begining of the folder !When i went to move as i was in Thumbnail view it would of took a long time to move them all to the, so i changed the view to List.. Big mistake they had all moved around to a Alphabetical / Numerical order !! Now in some instances superb, but i now have 1600 photo's in whatever order they want to be in. Thes are from my Honeymoon so obviously i would like to look at them in the correct order !! I would think maybe i could use System Restore to back to before they messed up but i had been doing a lot of reorganisation of other pictures in other folders, so that really is not an option. Is there a way i can get back to where i was last night before this happened ? And ultimately how after i have got to what i want in what ever way can i 'save' the order / settings of the Folder ?

Sorry for the essay !!


  Splork 10:45 29 Oct 2005

Were you renaming them? Windows can sort them by date/time/created/modified, forwards or backwards. By moving the pics it changes the `Modified` date so sorting by that criteria will move them all over the place. Have you tried something dedicated to organising such things? This is free click here
It won't affect anything if you choose to remove it after taking a look.

  Splork 10:47 29 Oct 2005

No sorry, ignore that about Modified...I'm confusing it with Last Accessed Date

  [email protected] 10:47 29 Oct 2005

Give this a try, I find it very useful click here

  [email protected] 10:47 29 Oct 2005

Give this a try, I find it very useful click here

  russmini 08:08 31 Oct 2005

Thanks this seems to have worked. transfered them all across and all my other photos. Started sorting them all over again !! Looks quite a nice little program, its also got a few tools added as well to help with little things so should prove useful.

Thanks Again..

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