Pictures / images not displayed

  renard 23:58 01 Mar 2009

Quite often recently, I find that some pictures are not being displayed on websites or in email messages on my PC.
All I get is a box with a little red cross in the top left corner.
Other times it is three tiny symbols (triangle, square, circle) in a tiny box.
Sometimes when I right click on these icons, I get a "Show Picture" option, but clicking on that gets no result.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  Diodorus Siculus 00:07 02 Mar 2009

You will need to give a little more information about your setup - operating system (xp/vista/Win98) etc, the browser you use (Internet explorer / Firefox) and your email program (Outlook Express).

  renard 00:55 02 Mar 2009

Thank you.

Windows XP.

Internet Explorer.

Outlook Express.

It has only just started doing this. Furthermore, I have just noticed that the same thing happens when I post on Forums - for example, a Smiley doesn't register, it only shows as that tiny red cross.

  [email protected] 01:34 02 Mar 2009

For web browsing, that symbol quite often indicates that the problem is not at your end. How widespread do find this? Are you able to check the same websites on another computer at the same time to see if they show on that one properly?

  [email protected] 01:40 02 Mar 2009

that is you can't check on another computer then you can post the links to the sites that you are having problems with so that we can try them and see whether or not the images are displayed.

  Diodorus Siculus 04:30 02 Mar 2009

click here and have a read through the problems and suggested resolutions.

Have you installed any adware blocking software etc recently or upgraded any sort of privacy/security software?

  Poitier 14:40 07 Mar 2009

Just a thought.Display Internet Explorer ,Click on tools,internet options,and the advanced tab.Scroll down the list and see if there is a tick against show pictures.

  renard 23:18 09 Mar 2009

Apologies for not coming back earlier. I had to go away for a few days.

Many thanks for all the advice. I have followed your suggestions. Yes, Show Pictures is checked in Internet Explorer on my PC.

The clincher (and this would not have occurred to me) is that when I followed your advice and checked the same sites on my laptop, I got the same result as with my PC.

Therefore, I conclude that the problem lies with the originator, not with my machines. Unless, that is, someone has an alternative idea?

Many thanks again to everyone for your kindness.

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