Pictures To Icons

  GuZ><0r 14:49 21 Dec 2005

How ca you change a normal picture such as jpeg to an icon that can be used for folders, etc etc.


  stalion 14:53 21 Dec 2005

are the pictures in my documents folder if so click on the views at the top and change to icon view

  GuZ><0r 14:55 21 Dec 2005

I think you have miss understood me. On your folders you can change it from the folder image to something else through properties. And what I wat to do is use an image for the folder image. But I don't know how to make a picture into an icon as it will not let you use normal pictures.

  mattyc_92 15:01 21 Dec 2005

Use a program such as "Icon Developer" (click here) which you can use to create *.ico files from *.exe, *.dll, and most image files.

  stalion 15:03 21 Dec 2005
  GuZ><0r 15:09 21 Dec 2005

I have tried this program and it seems to change the pictures into icons but then they are blank when I use them for a folder, so no luck there.

  De Marcus™ 15:18 21 Dec 2005

To change a folder in such a way you need to right click on the folder in question, select properties and then click on the customise tab. In the middle of this section you can choose a picture to be displayed.

  mattyc_92 15:20 21 Dec 2005

This is probably becuase you haven't added the correct "Icon Size". To do this, click onto "new" option to create your own icon. Next you need to import your image. Do this as usual, but when you see this screen (click here) you want to add the following icon sizes:

16 x 16
24 x 24
32 x 32

You need 3 sets of these. You need one set in 16 bit, one in 24 bit and one in 32 bit colour quality. All of these options are on the screen at this time, you just need to add them (and configure).

Finally, save the image and then try using the "Customise This folder" option and selecting this icon as the folder icon.

  mattyc_92 15:23 21 Dec 2005

That meant to be 16 bit, 256 colour and Windows XP colour.

  stalion 15:26 21 Dec 2005

the program I have posted works

  canard 23:20 22 Dec 2005

If you haven't got Irfanview on your PC download it [free and one of the best pic editor viewers]. With IV open your pic resize it [image dropdown menu] to 32x32pixels and save as ICO. file- Bob's your uncle icon ready to use.

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