Pictures on DVD wont open ?

  Daveson 09:48 30 Mar 2006

Hello. A few months ago i backed up all of my pictures to one DVD. The DVD is a MIRROR Platinum +R 4x. When i put the DVD in the drive it starts to spin and then stops and it repeats this over and over as if it cant get going. Is there any way to get my data back, some software ? I tried using drive rescue but no joy. Please can someone help as there are alot of memories on this DVD.


  rmcqua 09:53 30 Mar 2006

Double click on your DVD drive in "my computer". Does this bring up the individual file names of your photos? If it does, then it is probably just a problem with the program you are using to try to view them.

  Daveson 09:59 30 Mar 2006

No, it says there is no disk in the drive... I cant even view whats on the disc.

  BRYNIT 10:03 30 Mar 2006

It sounds like the DVD is slipping in the drive this is prevents the drive from reading the disk. If it is just this disk try giving the disk a clean. If this does not work see if it will work on another computer and copy to a new disk..

  Daveson 10:07 30 Mar 2006

Its two discs that are doing it. Pictures backup and Rhodes 2004.

  rmcqua 10:22 30 Mar 2006

Do other discs work OK in the same drive?

  rmcqua 14:21 30 Mar 2006

Another question - have you ever been able to view these images OK, i.e. are you sure the original burn process worked OK?

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