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  1st spring 03:00 16 Apr 2010

I put lots of photos on a disk, that were in folders. Later I thought I wonder if I could add to the disk. I added more folders containing pictures.

When I looked at the disk on the PC there was only the latest 4 folders. I thought I had lost all the other folders, But when I looked at the disk on the recorder, I could only see all the other folders that I had put on first Not the last 4 folders. Can you work that one out?

  PalaeoBill 08:49 16 Apr 2010

What kind of disk, CD-R, CD-RW etc?
With a CD-R if you haven't finalized the disc, you will only be able to read in the recorder not a normal CD drive.
You can write to a CD-R more than once (Mult-session) but you need to 'close' each session. It may be that you took the CD out of the recorder without closing the session; when you put it back in the recorder it automatically closed the previous session.

  1st spring 11:01 16 Apr 2010

I used a DVD+Recordable. In Nero I clicked on Data/Make a DVD. In Nero Express I dragged over from my pictures folder, all the folders containing my pictures, then I click on Next. Named the DVD. Continued to click on next until the pictures were on the DVD, then closed the session.

Looking back at what I did I can see a tick in the boxes saying, Verify data, also Allow multi session whether this was like that when I was actually doing it for real, not sure

  Sea Urchin 11:25 16 Apr 2010

I don't know why you needed to drag your picture folders in Nero - you have the facility to browse and add in the required folders.

  1st spring 11:58 16 Apr 2010

Sea Urchin I am not sure how. I did see add. I wasn't sure what to do but by dragging I could see they were going on Nero. I have made lots of mistakes and I don't want to keep makeig more and wasting my time and disks. Maybe if I had clicked on a picture and clicked on add. Would this have been better and worked?

  Sea Urchin 12:04 16 Apr 2010

When you click Add you can then browse to your Pictures folder and select whatever files you want to write to the disk.

  1st spring 12:08 16 Apr 2010

Thank you anymore tips

  1st spring 22:26 16 Apr 2010

One of my disks containing pictures, plays on the PC but when I put it in the DVD player it comes up with the message this will neither play or record. could this be because I might not have finalized it.. If so how do I find out if I finalized the disk

  PalaeoBill 22:46 16 Apr 2010

It isn't so important to finalize DVD's. Unlike CD's they can generally be read (not always but generally) in other DVD players as well as the recorder that burned them. When you do finalize it thats your lot, you cant write to it anymore.

You need to have a good read of the on-line help for your particular version of Nero. You will probably find the answer to your original question there. I'm only familiar with the older versions and on XP.
With XP and multi-session DVD-Rs, you can generally only see the last session that was recorded onto a DVD. Nero gets around this by picking up the references to previous sessions and writing these into the current session so that you can see all of the files and folders on a DVD regardless of which session they belong to. I suspect that something went awry judging by your original description. Good luck with your search for the answers.

  woodchip 23:14 16 Apr 2010

I would say Nero Finalized first session, You then added other folders thats why its like it is

  woodchip 23:16 16 Apr 2010

Your DVD Player may not be capable of reading DVD-RW discs. It may only play DVD-R

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