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  1st spring 00:11 18 Nov 2008

I have put all my pic on a DVD from my PC, lots and lots. They are much better when viewing on the PC than on the TV Why?

I can see all of my folders on the disk when looking at them on the PC, when I come to look at them on the TV I can only see some of them. what can I do about this, as I know they are on the disk?

The disk looks as if it has lots more space for more pictures but when I look to see how much space under properties on the PC it shows no space left.

I put the pic on the DVD through Nero 6, I did not say multi or anything, I realized I had forgotten two folders so I thought I would see if it would still add to the DVD which it did. I can see them when viewing on the PC but not the TV. Could some one help please

  darkchap 06:49 18 Nov 2008

I use Picasa 3 to make gift CD or DVD and they play as a slide show on the TV no problem,give it a try

  john bunyan 08:42 18 Nov 2008

Not an expert but the native resolution of a normal TV screen is much lower than a PC monitor. Some "true HD" TV's (1080p) have a higher resolution but I am not sure how much better the photos would look on one. What DVD type are you using ? DVD RAM are a bit like hard discs, but DVD - or + RW seem to show as full after burning the project. I tend to keep a "File for burning" on the Hard Drive, then delete the DVD RW before burning the new file with stuff added.

  Grey Goo 09:06 18 Nov 2008

Your DVD player probably cannot sort out the folders like the computer. Making a slideshow will enable the DVD player to show them as it creates a menu for it to read from. You can usually add music and transitions as well for a more entertaining viewing.

  jack 09:18 18 Nov 2008

TV's[Even so called HD] are much lower resolution[Coarser] the a PC monitor.
This is exacerbated the bigger the screen size.

  1st spring 13:03 18 Nov 2008

John I do not know what you mean by this. ("File for burning" on the Hard Drive, then delete the DVD RW before burning the new file with stuff added.) I am using ordanary DVD not a recordable one that I can use over again. I have a Samsung HD TV and a Sony tape and disk recorder / player. I can understand the picture no being as good on a larger screen but it doesn't show all my folders like it does on the PC.

  eedcam 14:03 18 Nov 2008

Your DVd player has its own software if you check your manual you will see how many Groups/Folders it supports Mines is 99 with a max of 999 images .Regarding quality as well as most of what has already been said regarding slide shows they should, as opposed to just bunging them on a disc be better as the editors will optimize the stills for the best result.
Standard video res for video is 786x576 regardless of whether 4x3 or 16 x9 the only difference being widescreen pixels are slightly wider
.Just to confuse the issue Video uses nonsquare pixels and digital images square pixels hence the optimizing need in slide shows .I doubt if it applies to just saving them to disc

  john bunyan 17:07 18 Nov 2008

sea princess XP. Sorry for confusion. What I do for either an electronic picture frame or a DVD is to go to Windows Explorer, My Documents, My Pictures and create a folder (call it what you like, but for example File for Printing) Then I drag and drop photos from other files into this folder as copies. Then I can transfer this folder to either an SD card to take to ASDA for printing, burn a DVD to give to relatives etc, or transfer the pix to a photo frame. Then the folder can be emptied ready for the next project.
I am a bit mean so use reusable RW discs but R discs are fine. I had a similar problem showing photos on TV with a SD slot in my DVD player, resolved by detailed reading of the manual as outlined by eedcam.

  1st spring 18:53 25 Nov 2008

I Have put my folders in one folder containing my pictures now I can see more folders on my TV but still not all of them but my friend can see them all on his TV so it must be something to do with my set. Thank you for that tip.

Not sure how to finalise sometimes I can and other times no.

I am a little worried,I put the disk in the PC to add more pic's (Try my luck) The disk opens up with my folders of pictures,I then click on Nero, before I can do anything I get a message saying Refresh complete 0 files/folders have been removed )0files/folder have been added, and (4 or different number files/folders have been replaced with the OK sign. What is this telling me and what am I doing wrong

  john bunyan 09:59 26 Nov 2008

Sea princess XP. I use Roxio 2009 so cant comment on Nero. However I think it is very difficult to add stuff to DVD's after they are burnt. I prefer to use RW DVD's then reformat, then burn a comlete new folder from the Hard Drive.You need to finalise the disc to enable it to play on stand alone DVD players. I think most should work with DVD- or + formats but check the player's spec. I like DVDRAM as it is more like a HD but few players support it.

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