pictures being blocked

  Myrddyn 10:08 02 Mar 2007

I'm having trouble inserting pictures on a website though I don't understand why. Having designed one site with pictures I wanted to do another but all I get are squares with a cross in, even when I copy and paste the html.

  Myrddyn 22:58 02 Mar 2007

I haven't yet posted iether site to a server yet as I am only learning, It's only local. That's what I don't understand. I copied and pasted the 'working'html into notepad and still no pictures.

  Myrddyn 21:31 03 Mar 2007

ok, here' the lot

<title>Waking Lloegr</title>
<body bgcolor="#cc6600">
<font color="green">
<h1><font size="10"><i>Croeso Pawb</i> to the home of Glen Batchelor</font></h1>

<hr size="10" width="80%" align="left" color="green" noshade>

<a href="mailto:[email protected]">Contact></a>

<p align="top">This is me <IMG align="middle" SRC="me.gif" title="Ugly me!"> I've seen worse</p>

<a href="click here" target="_blank" title="UKAuthors 2006 Voices from the Web anthology">

<img src="anth.jpg" height="230" width="170" />

<a href="click here" target="_blank" title="Twisted Tongue magazine">
<img src="twisted.jpg" height="230" width="170"></a>

<a href="click here" target="_blank" title="Issue 1 of Dark Tales">
<img src="dark.gif" height="150" width="90"></A>

<a href="click here" target="_blank" title="Delivered Magazine">
<img src="del.gif" height="230" width="170"></a>

<table width="50%" border="6" align="center">
<tr><th bgcolor="aqua">Title</td><th>Level</td><th bgcolor="aqua">Duration</td><th>Start Date</th></tr>
<tr align="center"><td bgcolor="aqua">Excel</td><td>Introduction</td><td bgcolor="aqua">1 day</td><td>08/05/01</td></tr>
<tr align="center"><td bgcolor="aqua">Excel</td><td>Advanced</td><td bgcolor="aqua">1day</td><td>23/05/01</td></tr>
<tr align="center"><td bgcolor="aqua">Word</td><td>Advanced</td><td bgcolor="aqua">1 day</td><td>1/1/01</td></tr>
<tr align="center"><td bgcolor="aqua">Word</td><td>Advanced</td><td bgcolor="aqua">1 day</td><td>01/01/01</td></tr>
<tr align="center"><td bgcolor="aqua">PowerPoint</td><td>Introduction</td><td bgcolor="aqua">1 day</td><td>01/01/01</td></tr>
<tr align="center"><td bgcolor="aqua">Access</td><td>Introduction</td><td bgcolor="aqua">2 days</td><td>01/01/01</td></tr>
<tr align="center"><td bgcolor="aqua">Access</td><td>Advanced</td><td bgcolor="aqua">2 days</td><td>25/4/84</td></tr>


<font size="6"><p>This site is for everyone who is interested in, or who is trying to get a novel published</font>
<p><font size="5">The story so far: I was brought up in a working class family in the 70s, aware that I would NOT be going to university, college or any sort of furher education because that was not what working class people do.</p>
In fact, the best I could hope for, would be the building trade, failing that, factory work. And so that was my life pretty much up to my 40th year when I started writing fiction</p>
<p><a href="#top">To return to the top of the of the page click here</a></p>

  cycoze 22:07 03 Mar 2007

what folder are you saving your images to? most sites will have a sub folder for images.

your site is showing that the images should be in the main/root folder, ie: <img src="anth.jpg"

is it possible you have saved the images elsewhere? perhaps in a sub folder ie: <img src="images/anth.jpg"

  Myrddyn 22:44 05 Mar 2007

I didn't bother with a file path as it was local just 'me.gif' and it worked for my previous site.

  Myrddyn 01:26 06 Mar 2007

Sorted. The pictures were in a different folder. I'm still learning! Thanks.

  cycoze 15:21 06 Mar 2007

I lost count of the times i have done the same.

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