pictureproject will not Install

  hillmorton 20:09 23 Dec 2004

When I try to load nikon pictureproject 1.1.0 I get a message that it does not run on this OS. I am running W98SE which meets the system requirements

  GaT7 23:43 23 Dec 2004

Do you have Nikon View installed?

"If you are currently using Nikon View, you will need to use the Windows "Add/Remove Programs" to uninstall Nikon View before installing PictureProject as both applications cannot be installed at the same time." - click here (you may have to scroll down a bit).

If the above is not an issue, go to the Windows update site to check whether your Win98se has all the necessary updates click here.

If the download was a lot smaller than the 36.5Mb I would've downloaded & tried an install on my Win98se PC. I'm on standard dialup : ( G

  hillmorton 14:12 26 Dec 2004

I do not have Nikon View installed nor any other camera software. I have got most of the
Windows Updates downloaded,but still it won't install. I have tried to install the programme on my son's PC which is exactly the same as this and it will install on that one but not on this so it seems that the problem is with my OS. Any ideas on what the problem might be?

  jack 14:32 26 Dec 2004

If your camera is USB connected and if your are running Win 2000/XP you do not need camera software on the machine.
The cameras when connected will come up as another drive.
The images can them be moved to a suitable folder
to be manipulated by any other image processing application of your choice.
Apps supplied with cameras are to say the least in main a little 'iffy' and are best left in the box.
If you do not have alternative software, download the free viewer Irfan View from click here
Or if you have a scanner with a lite version of Photosuite or Photoshop Elements or similar
these will perform.

  jack 14:36 26 Dec 2004

Ooops sorry
Just read your input again -you are running 98SE
there for the software is XP only.
However if you have USB drivers installed. or
Aquire a Card Reader with drivers ( A tenner fron the likes of click here)
The remainder of my comments still hold true

  pj123 15:08 26 Dec 2004

Try using a USB card reader instead, look here:

click here

Then use, perhap, Irfanview Free from click here which will show you thumbnails and much much more.

  GaT7 20:56 26 Dec 2004

First see: How to install digital camera drivers from Nikon View 6 or PictureProject CD - Windows click here.

Then you can ask Nikon support for help click here, after creating an account/registering click here (Note: The links provided are assuming you live in the UK).

If still no luck...

I. Some of Windows installation (& related) files may be corrupt &/or outdated. Download & install the following - after each step, REBOOT, clear your TEMP folder, close running programs (especially AV & firewall sw) & attempt another PictureProject installation:

1. DCOM for Win98 click here.

2. Windows Installer 2.0 click here.

3. InstallShield installation engines
click here.

4. Visual Basic Run-time click here.

5. MDAC 2.8 click here.

6. Do an IE repair click here.

7. Your PC may need the .NET Framework? click here. Probably not necessary as the system requirements mentioned for PictureProject do not specifically mention this click here, but you never know.

Run Belarc Advisor click here, to check if any Windows update(s) may have gotten corrupted - d'load & reinstall the affected one(s).

II. Consider joining a Nikon Forum & posting your query there click here= - to register click here. And another forum click here.

Some Forum-related info:

"PictureProject Alternatives" - click here

"The coward's way out (which I took) would be to get rid of PictureProject and use Nikon View instead. If you poke around various Nikonian threads, you'll see almost universal comdemnation of PP. Nikon View gets much higher marks and is a free download from the Nikon web site. It might be hidden away somewhere on a CD that came with your camera. Download requires registering and giving the S/N of your camera, but that's all. Just remember the registration you gave it for future use if you go that route." - click here.

[And some conflicting info!? "You can install Nikon View and PictureProject together without problems" - click here.]

III. Fianlly, consider some more freeware programs - The GIMP click here, FxFoto Standard click here, Serif PhotoPlus 5.5 click here, 20/20 click here &
Xnview click here (which I & my PC prefer to IrfanView). Hope this helps & GOOD luck! G

  hillmorton 19:26 04 Jan 2005

Many thanks for all the suggestions and information. I have now reinstalled Windows and that seems to have cured the problem. I can now download the pictures from the camera. I will work through all the suggestions posted. Thanks once again.

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