Picture upload slowdown on Ebay

  paul_allard 17:08 12 May 2015

When I try to upload pictures onto Ebay, my system has slowed right down and fails most of the time. I presume that the source of the problem could be my Broadband connection but that seems fine. Is it my computer hard drive failing? Everything else seems to work fine on it. Is it to do with my wifi connection? Do Wi-fi dongles wear out? Can someone suggest some way of diagnosing the problem? Any help gratefully received.

  wee eddie 20:20 12 May 2015

Before you start: What size are the Pictures?

  Ian in Northampton 20:44 12 May 2015

You could try uploading an image to e.g. imgur - a free image hosting site - and see how that goes. If it's OK, then the problem is at the eBay end. No surprise there.

  paul_allard 07:08 13 May 2015

Unfortunately the problem must be on my system as I can upload pictures in seconds on computers outside of my home!

Is there some kind of diagnostic tool that can isolate my problem?

Thanks for the suggestion so far

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