picture manipulation for a pc novice

  carlinglover 00:15 02 Feb 2003

is there a free download that has the tools and tuition to teach a pc novice how to manipulate pictures ie.. superimposing a head on another body etc...thank you for any help

  Billp64 00:24 02 Feb 2003

Try Paint Shop Pro a 30 day trial download from click here
This will do what you ask.

  barryoneoff 02:37 02 Feb 2003

supplied with Windows, called Imaging. You should find it under Accessories in your start menu. Not very sophisticated but will give you a start.

  carlinglover 11:26 02 Feb 2003

cant make head nor tail of the dowload one and i havent got imaging on my start up menu...i am a complete begginner to computers so any idiot sites would be very gratefully received ... thanks guys

  Border View 11:39 02 Feb 2003

Have you tried, click on start, then click on accessories (its usually near the top) and then click on Imaging. You have to go through Accessories first. Imaging wont appear by just clicking on start.

  Wak 11:48 02 Feb 2003

You could always try the FREE Irfanview from click here

  JoeC 11:57 02 Feb 2003

is a good one. Easy to use and understand, but powerful. : }

  Pesala 12:20 02 Feb 2003

Irfan View is a great program, but it will not do what is asked for - at least not without a lot of cunning that I don't know about. Please enlighten me how to put an old head on young shoulders; or a fresh face on world weary shoulders perhaps?

One could perhaps start with Windows Paint. That has a scissor tool to cut out shapes and move them around, but it really is kids stuff. To produce anything remotely realistic you will have to get to grips with something like Paintshop Pro.

How far did you get? Did you download and install it OK?

  anchor 13:32 02 Feb 2003

I do not know of a free programme that will do what you ask; i.e. a photo montage.

If you wish to do this, then I am sorry to say, its "bite the bullet time", and purchase a programme. There are a number of programmes that will do this, including Microsoft Picture-It. This is a very simple to use photo manipulation programme; ideal for beginners.

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