Picture folder became only available with a CD

  n98 23:32 01 Oct 2015

Okay so I was burning some files on a CD and somehow I accidentally moved the entire picture folder onto the CD instead of just copying it. I didn't realize my mistake at first but took notice of something being wrong when I took out the CD and tried to access my pictures folder as all my files were gone with only the message 'This folder is empty.'

Now when I go into the picture folder without the CD inside i see 0 items while I know there should be 636. when the CD is in I can see all my files just fine. is there a way to revert this? I tried copying the pictures folder from the CD and moving it to the actual one but I get 'Please insert a disc into DVD RW Drive (E:).' alert. even moving a single file causes it to pop up.

Any help would be highly appreciated as this is becoming a nuisance.

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