pics in outlook express

  johnnyrocker 13:31 29 Feb 2012

i just tried snding a couple of pics using outlook express, instead of being an attachment they ended up very large in the body part of the mail filling the screen, how can i change this please? XP pro sp3


  Sea Urchin 14:21 29 Feb 2012

You'll need to make an adjustment in the registry - make sure you back up before starting

Here's how

Disable inline images

  beeuuem 14:26 29 Feb 2012

Are you inserting them as a picture or an attachment? If you use 'Insert' > 'Picture' the picture will appear in the body of the mail. Rather insert the image file as a 'File attachment'.

  johnnyrocker 16:38 29 Feb 2012

thanks so far, i am a bit reluctant to meddle with the registry,insert appears the only option in a new mail


  Batch 16:49 29 Feb 2012

What beeuuem suggests should work, but if you are still having probs, in the new mail message window, change the Format of the email to Plain Text (go to Format menu and click Plain Text).

Or permanently change all new mails to Plain Text, in the main OE windows, Tools, Options, Send tab and change Mail Sending Format to Plain Text.

  johnnyrocker 19:42 29 Feb 2012

my thanks i have followed this but i do not still get the option to attach a pic it still says insert?


  Sea Urchin 20:14 29 Feb 2012

The menu says Insert but the options include File Attachment and Picture. The first will attach the file, and the second will place the image in the body of the mail.

See here

Insert menu in OE

  johnnyrocker 21:44 29 Feb 2012

i dont seem to have the same outlook express as shown in the pic and none of the options either


  Sea Urchin 21:53 29 Feb 2012

That's Outlook Express 6 - which was the standard for several years until replaced by Windows Mail. Which menus do you have across the top of a new email window? Should be

File Edit View Insert Format Tools Message Help

  johnnyrocker 21:58 29 Feb 2012

that is what i have but it does not look the same or it would seem act


  Sea Urchin 22:12 29 Feb 2012

I'm not quite sure if you're saying you don't have any menus - or different menus. Where are you finding the Insert command?

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