Pic's on cd-r wont open on pc

  isititis 13:12 03 Jul 2009

Hello all,
I have a cd-r that has photo's on it that will not open as it should. In WMP there is the sound of a song that plays ok, but when I press the play button to view the pic's it doesn't stay open to view the pic's. It opens for a mili-second, maintains the vertical viewing area, then shrinks the horizontal viewing area to about 1'/25mm. The auto viewing process can be seen, but because of the horizontal 'squeeze' the images are grossly distorted. Exactly the same happens when view with VLC media player.
The cd was tried out on a player conected to the t/v and is perfect.
I have a HP Pavilion running Win XP Home with SP3
Thanks in advance for sugestions. I'm out now, back about 3.

  [email protected] 13:43 03 Jul 2009

It could be a codec problem. Try installing the K-Lite codec - click here

  isititis 16:11 03 Jul 2009

[email protected]
I've messed up, and am sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused in an effort to resolve an issue with what I thought was a cd-r. It turns out that the disc is a dvd-r not a cd-r.
I have downloaded the K-Lite codec, but am not sure how to proceed. I have opened the dvd-r and it shows that the files on the disc are VIDEO_TS.
Like I say, I am not sure how to proceed. Please advise.

  iscanut 16:17 03 Jul 2009

click here Any help ?
Google Video_TS and have a look.

  isititis 12:45 04 Jul 2009

Thanks for your input. I have tried running the dvd-r using VLC and regret to say that nothing has changed. However, when the file VIDEO_TS is opened there are four dog-eared type files along with three VLC icons. Clearly I am doing something wrong. A dvd-r of a local football match is placed in the drive and autoruns perfectly, which prompts me to think that there is something wrong with the other dvd-r

  DieSse 15:41 04 Jul 2009

A video_ts file is not a picture, it's a DVD movie file.

How was the DVD created in the first place - therein may lie the answer.

  [email protected] 21:41 04 Jul 2009

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. You say you downloaded the K-Lite codec, but have you ran the file and installed it?

  isititis 13:19 05 Jul 2009

[email protected] Thank you for your input. Yes I have installed the K-Lite codec whose icon on the desktop shows as AVS Video Converter 6.

DieSse. My g/daughter created the dvd-r. She, unfortunately, is on holiday. I'm not sure if she has access to a pc. Thank you for your effort

  isititis 13:20 05 Jul 2009

I should have added I am out till 6 this evening.

  johndrew 13:42 05 Jul 2009

If it is a DVD-R created on a different machine, was it finalised? If not this may be the cause of it not playing correctly.

A DVD-R should be finalised on the machine it was created in if it is to be used in a different machine. You may be able to use Nero but I`m far from certain. If it is not possible then you will need to return it to source for it to be to finalised on the machine that created it.

  isititis 20:48 05 Jul 2009

Yes the DVD-R was created on a different m/c, but I have made three coppies from that disc in the past and they still work on the m/c's of the people I gave coppies to. So the issue must be with my pc somewhere. Thanks anyway.

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