Pics bigger when you click

  hooligan 15:56 02 May 2004

How do they appear so when you click you can make bigger when clicked on. Do you need something to do it

net objects fusion mx


  Amss81 20:30 02 May 2004

go to, you will find the source code to be able to do that.

  The GnoMe 22:54 02 May 2004

do you mean thumbnails?

  hooligan 11:09 04 May 2004

I normally scan pics and put on a floppy then put on site some are a bit little and id like to click to make bigger. or can i make the ones i have that are big, smaller. I have infran view but dont understand it. I usally scan at a size 30 percent or something then try that on site ive no scanner so i dont have long to mess about with it in the liberay.

windows 98 cheers

  Taran 13:38 04 May 2004

The Photo Gallery tool in NetObjects creates a series of thumbnail images which lead to the larger version of them when clicked. The process is largely automated and all you need to do is tell NOF where to look for the source images.

However, I don't think that NetObjects MX has the Photo Gallery tool. I can't remember for certain but I think it came into the picture from NOF version 7 onwards.

There are third party add-in components for MX that allow you to generate pop-up windows for your large images which appear when you click the thumbnail, but you still have to manually create the thumbnails which becomes a chore after a while.

I have two suggestions for you:

1. Consider buying an upgrade from NOF MX to the latest version

2. Download a program that makes decent web photo albums which may easily be imported into NOF

Arles Image Web Page Creator click here is a dedicated photo album program and its results are easy to import into your NOF site. It automates creating the thumbnails and the linked pages to the larger version of the thumbnail image.

I can't think of any other easy way. More recent versions of NOF have the photo gallery feature built in. Other than that, NOF add-in components, a third party graphics program or something along Arles Image Web Page Creator will be needed and you can import the results into NOF MX.

Sorry I can't offer you a simple XYZ solution, but NOF MX just doesn't have the tools built in to my knowledge.

  hooligan 15:20 04 May 2004

I have nof 7 now as well but dont want to mess up transfering my site and i dont have much space in my pc. I might wait till i get a better pc

Ive no idea how to put my site in 7.


  Taran 15:45 04 May 2004

click here for some tips and tricks for migrating your site from MX to 7 or newer.

If you do go over to NOF 7 it has the Photo Gallery tool built in which will allow you to create things on a point and click basis. All you need is a folder full of images and NOF does the rest.

Good luck with it.

  hooligan 08:38 05 May 2004

Taran i think i may be stuck with mx seems a bit hard! for me anyway.

or might have to start again !

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