Picky Geforce 4 -likes Windows more than windows

  c_norris1989 17:09 26 Oct 2004

My Geforce 4 is 64Mb, and not old or (as far as I am aware) damaged, but when I start up my computer it shows odd looking rows of flashing dots through areas of the screen. This only happens in dos. The other problem is while playing SOME 3D games, textures are covered in weird flashing squares (The Sims 2 for example shows them on the ground and on wall sections containing windows). The really weird thing is how in all other circumstances (such as just showing Microsoft Windows), it is perfect. Please help!
Is it something to do with it confusing redwood windows with Redmond Windows?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:56 28 Oct 2004

Have you tried installing new drivers from nvidia.com?

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