Picking PC Parts

  Shaun2k5 04:46 12 Aug 2008

At the moment I am building a PC. However its come to the tricky part of picking components which will eventually go into the PC.

The PC is for a university bound student however the budget is decent enough to allow me some room to pick and choose.

Intel Core 2 Duo (2.2Ghz) or the Intel Quad Core (2.4Ghz)
4GB Ram
Nvidia 8800GT(£120) or the Nvidia 9800GTX(£199)
250GB Harddrive

As you can see though I'm somewhat indecisive over the GPU/CPU setup. Now while I want 9800GTX (For high end gaming) I don't want to buy that if the improvement over the 8800GT is only marginal (Both are 512mb memory)

The other issue is the CPU. Is the base Quad Core worth the price or would I be better saving money and buying the Core 2 model?

So in conclusion:

1) Which of the 2 GPUs is better (Price to performance-wise)

2) Is the Quad Core worth the added money or the 2.2Ghz Core 2 duo adequete with the GPU?

Many thanks in advance :)

  Ditch999 12:27 12 Aug 2008

"The PC is for a university bound student" And whats the student studying (apart from computer games!!)

The quad core is a lot better than that dual core so I would go for it.

The 8800GT is nearly as good as the 9800GTX click here so I would save your money and get it (you will need it to buy a GOOD PSU to run either of them. click here)

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