Picasa Web Albums. What have they done?

  muddypaws 19:15 23 Feb 2013

Just opened up my web albums and all is changed.

It appears to have been taken over by Google+ since I last visited a few days ago,#

Huge thumbnails and ( as far as I can see no normal way of sharing an album) ie by a link.

Anyone else have the same problem?

If it is merely G+ interfering then any idea how to revert to the old version ?

  hssutton 19:48 23 Feb 2013

Not sure if this works, but by clicking on an album you get a box top right titled 'More' Picasa album

  muddypaws 20:29 23 Feb 2013


I get the albums from the link, and if they are yours they are excellent, but no 'more' options.

I have a desktop shortcut that I send to friends and that makes all albums available to them.

By clicking on that I still get the old layout, but clicking on my normal s/cut I get the new.

Doing a google search for it also gives me the new.

So not sure what is going on.

Will visit the Picasa forums and check.


  muddypaws 20:37 23 Feb 2013

Google+ appears to be the problem. A lot of complaints see here

I joined G+ when I got my Nexus 7 probably inadvertently.

I must try and cancel my G+ account which appears to cure it.

  muddypaws 20:49 23 Feb 2013

To cancel G+ account:

"Removing Google+

If you’ve tried Google+ and you don’t like it and want to go back to the way it was before Google+, you can delete your Google+ Profile. Do not delete your Google account! That will delete all your photo albums, email accounts, blogs, and whatever else you’ve created with your Google Account. To remove Google+ from your Google Account:

On any Google product page, click on the dropdown arrow next to your picture in the upper right corner and choose Account
On your Google account page, click on Google+ from the left side menu, then scroll to the bottom where it reads, “Disable Google+” and click the word ‘here.’
Choose ‘Delete Google+ Content’ and then click the button Remove selected services.
That’s it!  Any content you added to Google+ will be gone – but your pictures will still be there.  Remember?  Picasa Web Albums had ‘joint custody’ with Google+.  If you remove Google+, Picasa Web Albums now has sole custody again.  For more details see member tutorial video Removing Google+ to use Picasa Web Albums.  This video takes an existing Google account and adds Google+, showing what happens to the Web Albums.  Then it removes Google+ and shows the results."
  hssutton 20:50 23 Feb 2013

Left clicking on a photo or Album brings up "Share" "Add Photos" "Slideshow" and "More" on the right hand side of the screen, click on "More" and you should see "Share Album Via Link" This will bring up another box with the link which you copy and paste.

I've not used Picasa for some time now, so I have no previous links on my computer. Must admit to quite liking the new layout and yes they are a few of my photos, so thanks for the comment. I moved over to Photoshop Express some time ago which I much prefer, however Adobe are in the process of moving all subscribers over to a new system called Adobe Revel, will just have to wait and see how looks when it's fully up and running

  muddypaws 20:52 23 Feb 2013

Sorry I thought copy/paste would come out better.

Linkt to page here

  muddypaws 20:54 23 Feb 2013


Deleted G= successfully.

Thanks for your help.

Whether it has gone from the N7--I will check.

  muddypaws 20:55 23 Feb 2013

Read G+ for G=

  muddypaws 21:10 23 Feb 2013

Whether it has gone from the N7--I will check.

Yes gone.

  hssutton 21:11 23 Feb 2013

As I said I've not been on the Picasa site for some time so your link is very informative and I must admit until I looked at your link I wasn't aware of Google + even though it would appear that's what I'm now using. I found this sentence to be rather amusing "Google is trying to transition from Picasa Web Albums to Google+ Photos, leaving Picasa Web Albums in tact for those who choose not to join Google+" I was never given the option:)but as I said previously I quite like what they have done.

Depending on how successful Adobes Revel turn out to be I may never use Picasa again, only time will tell.

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