Picasa problem

  algernonymous 21:21 24 Jul 2007

I use Picasa but also store duplicates in My Pictures, however I just now noticed I had the same folder twice on Picasa so I deleted one, but it also deleted the files from the My Pictures folder too - it just left a Picasa icon there.

What's going on?

  GaT7 22:24 24 Jul 2007

I would suggest, instead of right-clicking & choosing 'Delete Folder', select 'Remove from Picasa...' instead.

For the former a message box pops up to say 'Are you sure you want to delete the folder ["name"] from the disk'. Note the word 'DISK'.

Fortunately, it doesn't delete the folder's contents permanently. Check your recycle bin - the pics should be there. G

  hssutton 22:43 24 Jul 2007

Picassa doesn't actually store pictures, it just records where they are, so if you deleted a folder of pics, then they are gone for ever, unless as Crossbow7 suggests they may still be in your recycle bin

  algernonymous 22:47 24 Jul 2007

Many thanks for that, I've retrieved the files from the Recycle bin.

However, I see right-clicking the folder gives the option 'remove from Picasa' but on right-clicking the file it doesn't appear on the list- only 'delete from disk'. Do you know if it's possible to just delete a file (and still leave my duplicate in My Pictures)?

Thanks again.

  algernonymous 22:57 24 Jul 2007

I didn't know that. Thanks to you too.

  GaT7 00:12 25 Jul 2007

"Do you know if it's possible to just delete a file (and still leave my duplicate in My Pictures)?"

I couldn't find the option (or it was an present in the past - see below), but I think the next best thing is to right-click the file & select 'Hide'.

This may be useful too: Why do I have duplicate copies of my photos? click here. G

The option mentioned here doesn't seem to be present anymore - from click here (under Albums):
"Delete a photo from an album. Select a photo. Right-click with your mouse and select “Remove from Album” in the context menu or press the Delete key on your keyboard. Note: Deleting a photo from an album does not delete the original file from your computer’s hard drive."

This seems to be how it behaves now (but the last sentences in each paragraph contradict each other!) - from click here:
".....For example, moving a photo between folders in Picasa will result in the photo being moved between the same folders on your hard drive. Also, please note that deleting a photo from a folder will delete it from your hard drive."

  algernonymous 20:37 25 Jul 2007

Thanks for all that.

Re the contradiction, I think they're explaining the difference between deleting in albums and deleting in folders.
Trouble is, all my pictures in Picasa are in folders...

  Ben capewell 20:50 25 Jul 2007

I cant help but may be you can, i have now loads of photos of my little one, my routine is save them to disk print them down tesco's and then put the disk some where safe, am i right on thinking i can use picasas to make a photo cd, if so how good is it, rather than me looking through photos or browsing through many disks,

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