picasa ?

  podlod 16:26 05 Dec 2007

Hi, can somebody please explain now that I have downloaded a software being Nero start smart, and it works ok, I find I am having problems now when I want to make a back up disc in Picasa, because when I try a panel comes up and says `ERROR, No recordable drives detected` Is this something to do with Nero or just a coincidence?, and how can I revert back to using Picasa when I want. Thanks for any help.

  Stuartli 18:17 05 Dec 2007

Go to My Computer>right click on the rewriter drive being used>Properties>tick the Enable CD/DVD recording on this drive option (CD or DVD will depend on whether the drive is a CD DVD rewriter)>click Apply and then OK.

  podlod 08:02 06 Dec 2007

Hi Stuart, Well I did as you advised and a box came up and choose one of the following; music files, pictures, video files, mixed content, music cd, dvd movie, hd dvd movie, which one should I tick so that I can use Picasa and Nero, or can I only use one? Thanks for any info.

  podlod 08:11 06 Dec 2007

Hi again, I just thought I would try out clicking pictures and when I did and applied, ok, I came out of the drive then returned and it had reverted back to its original position being music files?is this normal?

  Stuartli 11:55 06 Dec 2007

You've not done it correctly (I was doing it from memory so it's my fault); you need to click on the Recording tab from Properties in your rewriter drive's letter and then tick Enable CD/DVD recordings on this drive.

You have brought up the AutoPlay tab's menu rather than Recording tab.

  podlod 16:04 06 Dec 2007

Hi Stuart, I did exactly as you said, but it does not seem to have made any diff? I tried but it said exactly the same,`no recordable drives detected`

  Stuartli 17:38 06 Dec 2007

Another way to do it is to use Nero for the burning of the disk - prepare your backup disk in Picasa and then do a Save As (name it in some appropriate form).

In Nero you should Browse for the file(s) and burn them.

If you use Multisession mode in Nero you can use a CD-R or DVD-R until the disk is full (don't forget to Save the multisession folder after each burning session otherwise it will not work properly afterwards).

  podlod 12:56 07 Dec 2007

Thanks Stuart, but when you have over a 1000`s photo`s it makes it diff to complete back every so often if I have to transfer all for Nero to back up?

  podlod 14:45 09 Dec 2007

Hi Stuart, I have done what you said and it works ok, so thanks for all the help you have given, and I have stuck with Nero, Thanks

  Stuartli 15:05 09 Dec 2007

Glad to be of help...:-)

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